Thursday, March 1, 2012

You are Not Special, THINK AGAIN!!!

Feel free to express yourself

I don't think I am a person with any special skills or talents, but like all ordinary men I dream, I hope and I wish that one day I could become someone, someone who can make a change in this world. I am not a great speaker but do can write down what I feel is right. It really makes me happy to write things that come from my mind, the greatest freedom one need to enjoy his life the most is 'The Freedom of Expression'. It doesn't matter whether my language is good, bad or worst or that others can understand it, all that matter is that I am expressing it and that too in the way I want it. Whoever is reading this do the same, express yourselves and write it down. You will feel liberated, no one can give you that freedom unless you take it for yourself, express it, let it flow. Once you start expressing you will see how special you are, listen to no one who say otherwise, you are special and it’s a truth, a truth that can only be seen when you start expressing from within. Come 'Lets flow in the river of expression and all shall meet in the ocean of freedom'


  1. well said ! it is a thought that matters and how u r making a flow in expressing ur words .

    keep blogging :)

  2. yea. true. i too feel in somehow similar way. but if i stop listening others, why would i come to your blog my dear sir...

    1. Thanks for your comment
      What i mend was don't listen to those who says you are not special....
      Hope you will leave your feedback for the rest of my posts

  3. Very true Rahul...Writing is a liberating experience more so for the writer than for anyone else!! Keep Blogging :)


freedom of expression is yours, use it wisely

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