Thursday, March 29, 2012

Questioning belief and other THINGS

Yellow taxi in traffic jam
“Do you believe in god” I asked him, his answer was quick, “I don’t believe in anything unless there is a proof to support it”. He was driving the car and I sat next to him. It usually takes nearly 30mint for us to reach our place from the city, but today it looked like it will take another 30 and all thanks goes to city traffic. Though my car stereo was loaded and ready to scream the classic rock and roll, I didn’t play it; instead I asked him a question, “Do you believe in god”.  I thought he wasn’t listening since he was too busy cursing the traffic, But to my surprise his answer was quick. He is a fair young man, well built and few months younger than me. We had known each other for four years now. He knew me too well and as soon as he heard my question he knew what I was up to. I knew he will pick the trick behind my question and will realize that I was going to start one of my favorite time killer games, The Rain of questions, that’s what I called it. It’s a simple game in which I will ask questions one after the other from whatever subject that comes to my mind and the other person must answer it all, he can answer it in a single word or a in a whole sentence as he wishes, and one more thing is that I will not stop asking questions until the other person starts to answer. 

Usually it will take me four- five questions to get him started, but today it was different, he answered the first question itself. I was bit surprised but it seems he too was looking for some way to kill the boredom. He adores cars and loves driving but a messy traffic can really turn it over for you. He answered my question, now it’s my turn to ask him the next one, but his answer struck me deep and it took me few minutes to digest it. He can’t do that, it’s my game and you can’t ask questions to me in my game. I got tongue tied; He not even gave me a direct answer but also asked an indirect question instead. He asked whether I had solid proof to show the existence of god. I am a believer and I believe in the existence of god, so I will not give up in any argument that says otherwise. It wasn’t an easy question to answer; I need to find a solid, existing proof. Now I know how it feels to be in the shoes of my victims. All those times I thought making the questions was the hardest part but now I realize how foolish I was to think so. I closed my eyes and thought about it in eternal blackness, seconds went like hours and it took me few long mints or was it an hour. Then all of a sudden a yellow light flashed before my eyes and my whole body started radiating a new energy. I opened my eyes and there I had it, the answer to his question, the amazing proof with which I can uphold my belief, may be even raise it to new levels. 

With great joy I turned to him and there he was looking at the traffic, cursing it. He didn’t notice anything, the entire struggle I had gone through and my realization of the truth, everything was in vain.  Now if I ask him what his answer was, he might say he forgot it. The only thing that he cared about was the damn traffic and was looking for any pocket roads to dodge the next few signals. He found one and was all excited about it, more excited than what I was earlier. It felt as a mystery to me that how simple things can make man happier than greater knowledge.  After 20 odd mints through the unknown road, we finally reached the main road (thanks to the GPS in his mobile; he did everything by himself and didn’t allow me to help, not even with the GPS). He put the stereo on and pressed his foot on the throttle; the speedometer needle took a sudden jump to 100kph and was still climbing. 

It took us 10 more mints to reach his house. The watch showed 11 when we made to his house. The crickets cry echoed so loud in my eardrums that it irritated me or was it because they were saying to each other how disappointed I looked. I hadn’t said a word to him after my Belief-breakdown, I don’t know whether there is a word called belief-breakdown or not, but it’s what happened to me. I was about to tell him something that would have taken my belief to a new level and he didn’t even hear me out, he put the damn traffic above me, more over he found more happiness in dogging the traffic than hearing my enlightening answer. He got out of the car gave me a smile and went inside his house saying a cavalier good night; there he was again, noticing nothing but feeling proud of what he accomplished today. I got out from the car, got into the driver’s seat, sat there for a few minutes, took few deep breaths. I promised myself that I won’t play my stupid game ever again. 

I wasn’t sure why I was disappointed, maybe because that I couldn’t speak out my enlightening answer to him and be the better man or maybe because he had a more exciting time during our journey than me. I stared the engine and drove towards my house. As I drove through the empty streets, the stereo started playing Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Indian Flag held by many soldiers
Are we living in a country run by deaf? An Army chief of a country told its Defence minister about a bribe in which he was offered Rs14 crore (Just imagine what the men behind this offer would have made if they had succeeded), and the ministry didn't take any action up on it just because no written information was given, can’t he hear. 

Let me tell you a story, imagine me as the chairman of a multinational organization, one day the CEO of my company meets me and tells me that some people (former employees perhaps) are trying to damage the reputation of my company. Who is this CEO again, the man myself and the board of directors appointed to manage our company, the man we trusted our company to. So if he tells me someone is doing some wrong to my company, I will definitely listen to him and will take necessary actions or least I will put an enquiry, unless I am deaf of course then the CEO should give me a written note for sure. If the Army chief hasn't given a written note, then isn't it the responsibility of the defence ministry to ask for one, or are they both deaf and dumb. If they are not deaf and still don’t want to take any action, then god save our country. If you don’t want to leave it in the hands of god, then wake up you all, get ready, it’s near; The revolution. The revolution of the youths to free our country from British Raj, it’s true that our forefathers were able to free our nation from the westerners, but it isn't freed from the selfishness they left behind, its roots are so deep into our system, the British may have left but British Raj still prevails. All these corruptions, all these scams are there because of some selfish bastards (sorry for using this language but they deserve it) behind it and will they take what they made of this deeds to their grave. Living for your own benefit is not the culture of India (I will prefer Bharath instead of India), so my brothers and sisters it’s the right time to rise and rise to take what is ours, this is our country and we will fight for its freedom.

'Long live Revolution, Long live proletariat, Down with Imperialism' Bow down your heads in memory of Bhagat singh, Raj Guru and Sukhdev, the eternal youths of Our Nation, who fought for a dream that was not yet achieved.

Revolution emblem in black and red

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Say Thank You and be a SAINT.

Say thank you

‘Thank You’ a wonderful word, not only in English but in all other languages too. The wonderful thing about it's that whenever said the recipient always gets a good feeling from it, to give the giver the same feeling he has to mean it while saying it. Most people will say others are selfish (like they are not) but let me say, whenever one says 'thank you' and means it, rejoice, you are not selfish, you may have been selfish in your entire life but not in this moment, in this moment you are more than yourself, you have became a saint. That’s the reason I told you to rejoice it even if it’s for a few seconds. The easiest way to do this is by saying thank you to your parents, to your siblings, to your partner or to your lover, this makes it easy for you to mean it, because while saying it, it makes you realize what they had done for you and what they will do in the future, so say it to them loud and clear. The only not that ‘easy’ part in this is when  you are asked to explain thank you and that will only happen with your love, they won’t get satisfied by your thank you alone so don't let that stop you from doing it. So it’s for people like us this word is made, in a time when people are becoming more and more selfish, this simple word provides the light, shows us the glimpse of how humble we really can be. So say thank you, mean it and be a saint.

“Thank You” all for reading this 

(Saint Rahul)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Revolution & Spiritual AWARENESS

man holding his spirit up
Revolution without spiritual awareness is like leading a war with a soulless, undisciplined army, if the fuel igniting the revolution is strong enough, it will reach its goal, it will conquer the lands, but it has to pay a great price, the loss of our comrades, the ones who lost their way, the ones who may even rise against the revolution. This will alter the face of the revolution, though the war is won, all is lost. Spiritual awareness should be the first step of revolution, it shows what freedom is, it shows one how to think freely. Free thinking is the base of all revolution and it will lead to the destruction of all the walls around you, that of religion, cast, race, language, even that of a nation, and thus it will help them to move towards a common goal, the liberation of humanity. Making spiritualism the base allows the path to be shown from inside of each individual, thus the loss of the path means the loss of our lives, this is the soul of the revolution, the soul that cannot be destroyed by any means, the soul that will conquer the minds and yield the fruits.

Spiritual awareness disciplines an individual; it makes him aware of himself. The purpose of this is to awake a purified individual whose thoughts are clear, once this is accomplished, any pebble thrown into him won’t create a ripple which will alter the purity in his thoughts. Thus the discipline he acquired by this will allow him to see his fellow beings as other form of himself, so he will treat them the same way he treats himself. Once this is accomplished, the liberation will happen itself. Because the hardest part in every revolution is to make individuals realize this fact, and unless spiritualism is adopted as its base the cause is long lost. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

You are Not Special, THINK AGAIN!!!

Feel free to express yourself

I don't think I am a person with any special skills or talents, but like all ordinary men I dream, I hope and I wish that one day I could become someone, someone who can make a change in this world. I am not a great speaker but do can write down what I feel is right. It really makes me happy to write things that come from my mind, the greatest freedom one need to enjoy his life the most is 'The Freedom of Expression'. It doesn't matter whether my language is good, bad or worst or that others can understand it, all that matter is that I am expressing it and that too in the way I want it. Whoever is reading this do the same, express yourselves and write it down. You will feel liberated, no one can give you that freedom unless you take it for yourself, express it, let it flow. Once you start expressing you will see how special you are, listen to no one who say otherwise, you are special and it’s a truth, a truth that can only be seen when you start expressing from within. Come 'Lets flow in the river of expression and all shall meet in the ocean of freedom'

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