Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Say Thank You and be a SAINT.

Say thank you

‘Thank You’ a wonderful word, not only in English but in all other languages too. The wonderful thing about it's that whenever said the recipient always gets a good feeling from it, to give the giver the same feeling he has to mean it while saying it. Most people will say others are selfish (like they are not) but let me say, whenever one says 'thank you' and means it, rejoice, you are not selfish, you may have been selfish in your entire life but not in this moment, in this moment you are more than yourself, you have became a saint. That’s the reason I told you to rejoice it even if it’s for a few seconds. The easiest way to do this is by saying thank you to your parents, to your siblings, to your partner or to your lover, this makes it easy for you to mean it, because while saying it, it makes you realize what they had done for you and what they will do in the future, so say it to them loud and clear. The only not that ‘easy’ part in this is when  you are asked to explain thank you and that will only happen with your love, they won’t get satisfied by your thank you alone so don't let that stop you from doing it. So it’s for people like us this word is made, in a time when people are becoming more and more selfish, this simple word provides the light, shows us the glimpse of how humble we really can be. So say thank you, mean it and be a saint.

“Thank You” all for reading this 

(Saint Rahul)


  1. Start with a smile and wind up with thew same smile ... rest comes behind you.... smile always...stay positive...


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