Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Revolution & Spiritual AWARENESS

man holding his spirit up
Revolution without spiritual awareness is like leading a war with a soulless, undisciplined army, if the fuel igniting the revolution is strong enough, it will reach its goal, it will conquer the lands, but it has to pay a great price, the loss of our comrades, the ones who lost their way, the ones who may even rise against the revolution. This will alter the face of the revolution, though the war is won, all is lost. Spiritual awareness should be the first step of revolution, it shows what freedom is, it shows one how to think freely. Free thinking is the base of all revolution and it will lead to the destruction of all the walls around you, that of religion, cast, race, language, even that of a nation, and thus it will help them to move towards a common goal, the liberation of humanity. Making spiritualism the base allows the path to be shown from inside of each individual, thus the loss of the path means the loss of our lives, this is the soul of the revolution, the soul that cannot be destroyed by any means, the soul that will conquer the minds and yield the fruits.

Spiritual awareness disciplines an individual; it makes him aware of himself. The purpose of this is to awake a purified individual whose thoughts are clear, once this is accomplished, any pebble thrown into him won’t create a ripple which will alter the purity in his thoughts. Thus the discipline he acquired by this will allow him to see his fellow beings as other form of himself, so he will treat them the same way he treats himself. Once this is accomplished, the liberation will happen itself. Because the hardest part in every revolution is to make individuals realize this fact, and unless spiritualism is adopted as its base the cause is long lost. 


  1. Ofcourse what you said makes sense, but I think a bit more elaborative post would have done better justice to the title. Anyway,agree with your thoughts. Any revolution without spiritual base is bound to fail.
    Towers and Shadows

  2. Thanks Captain, I should have elaborated some more about it, again thanks for your view... TC :)


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