Sunday, April 1, 2012

We are the FOOLS

'we are the fools' written in a yellow sheet

First of all Happy birthday to all my friends who are bone on this wonderful day, I wish you all a long and prosperous life. Now let me tell you what made me to write this post. Today is a big day for a nation that has been longing for a democratic government since 1962, in Myanmar the NLD party lead by Aung San Suu Kyi is going to make their presence in the parliament most likely by winning all the 44 seats that they are representing.  As I heard the date of the election, it made a laugh out of me, is there a better date to conduct an election, the biggest show in which the common man all around the world are made a fool out of themselves. In my opinion all the elections around the world should be conducted on April 1st, do you know why, because look how good the people we elected are at lying and deceiving us. They will promise us whatever we want before the election and will act as the fools, but once they are elected it’s an irony. So if the elections are conducted on April 1st at least we can console ourselves that we have been April fooled and admit we are Super fools!

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