Thursday, April 5, 2012


girl breaking the ropes and flying to the sky

Freedom, the born right of all human beings, the born right of all that’s living. Amongst all other creatures the one that longs for freedom the most are humans, this is due to the superior mental ability we have than the rest. We are social beings which depends on each other for our survival, in a social structure all actions done and all decisions taken by an individual will knowingly or unknowingly depend on other individuals who are part of the same system. When considering freedom in its common form, the base of it is free will that is the capacity to take our own decisions, irrespective of the outcome and without others interference.  Since humans are social beings the existence of free will itself is at doubt.

Freedom is a general term that is heard and used quite commonly in our lives that often arises when someone interferes with our judgment or will. Though it seems that freedom is simple and can be attained easily, freedom itself is an unattainable state. If one is willing to go deep in to know the true meaning of freedom then he will be able to understand its three basic forms, Physical freedom, Spiritual freedom and Eternal freedom. For one to attain true freedom all the three forms has to be gained. So I am putting forth the three barriers that we all will face if we try to attain it.

There are so many limitations to the human body because of which one can’t accomplish all his physical desires, that is the desire to fly as free as a bird, the desire to breath under water and so on. Thus physical limitation is the first barrier in the way to attain freedom. In order to overcome this, one can depend on the advancing technologies and can thus attain physical freedom. Today’s technologies won’t be enough to accomplish all our physical desires but it will be possible in future. The next barrier is humanly attachments and this affects the free will of an individual. All the decisions that he makes in his entire life time will be due to or for the people around him. So to attain spiritual freedom one must free himself from all emotional bonds. This is possible only through spiritual awakening that is by realizing and accepting the truth about life, thus one attains spiritual freedom.  After freeing oneself from all physical limitations and emotional bonds now there remains one more barrier and is unconquerable by all means. It’s the ultimate truth of life and is named as death. Though one can try hard and attain both physical and spiritual freedom, he won’t be able to enjoy it forever. Birth always ends in death, it’s an undeniable truth of life and no one can attain freedom from that, thus one can’t attain eternal freedom. 

There are so many great men born among us like Buddha, Christ,  Mahavira, Vivekananda, Sree Narayan Guru, Osho and so on who had succeed in attaining spiritual freedom but couldn’t attain the other two. For our future generations attaining both spiritual and physical freedom would be possible, but even then they won’t be able to attain eternal freedom. Long ago humans realized this truth and it’s this realization that made them create a superior being, a being capable of attaining all the three forms of freedom, a being that he can admire, a being that he can never become. Then along the way he started believing in it, worshiping it, dividing it and started fighting for it. Humans are curious creatures, who always admire, love and believe in things that he can’t do and the irony is that this became his greatest strength.


  1. Wonderful thoughts and observations on freedom, Rahul.

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