Friday, April 20, 2012


Bike rider on a country road

Why do men fall for bikes? What does it posses that make us madly in love with them? Bikes are one of the most wonderful inventions made by man, a machine with beauty, power and passion. It can define the person ridding it and can even mold one's personality. People always respect and admire great bikes and the ones riding them. I pride myself in owing one, a Royal Enfield Classic 350 1991 model. It’s called a bullet and hell it should be as it leaves a  mark on the minds of all who see it.  It’s a powerful muscular bike but to me it’s my lovely lady, my Royal black beauty (ROBY). Her beauty lies not only in her looks but in whatever she does, the HISH... sound she makes when I adjust her ampere, the vibration I get when she starts,  the powerful sound she makes when I turn the throttle and so on. Whenever I kick her lever hard or jerk with her gears, I will apologize and will pat on her bulged smooth fuel tank with my left hand.  Talking to a machine seems weird to most but to a bike rider it’s not, because he knows how it feels to talk to his ride in a lone drive. Those who hate bikes, I am sure you haven’t rode one; it’s not about the adrenalin rush alone but also about the joy and freedom the ride renders. If you want to enjoy a ride then ride alone, there should be only one companion for a true rider and that’s his bike. You should love it, take good care of it and above all respect it, believe me when I say it; it will do the same for you too.

Plain road, great scenery and no traffic is a rider's dream and to be a rider all you need is a bike and a road. So start your engines, let’s go for a ride.

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