Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gestures of KATHAKALI

A Book by Dr. R. SREEKUMAR

Kerala art form
Kathakali, also known as kali or attam is the greatest visual miracle that Kerala has ever presented to the world of performing arts. This art form from the God’s own country presents stories from the Hindu epics and represents the cultural heritage of Kerala. Attakatha is the literary side which narrates the respective story in the form of poems and slokas, and its expression or presentation in the stage is Kathakali. In Kathakali meaning of each stanza of the poem is acted out on stage in accurate and well-calculated gestures. Gestures are indispensable part of performing art and the ones followed in Kathakali are primarily taken from Hastalakshanadeepika. Hastalakshanadeepika mainly describes twenty four basic gestures including both joined hand (using both the hands) and single hand (showing with one hand) gestures. Besides these twenty four gestures of Hastalakshanadeepika there are a few others, known as identical and mixed gestures. Identical gesture expresses more than one symbol with a single gesture and mixed gesture means more than one gesture used to show a single symbol.
A book written by Dr R Sreekumar

Kathakali Mudhra

In this book by Dr. R. Sreekumar, more than six hundred symbols are mentioned and explained in a simple language along with one thousand and two hundred photographs, including twenty four fundamental gestures given in Hastalakshanadeepika, and also mixed and related gestures. This book is a great guide for those who desire to understand and relish the marvelous art form, Kathakali.

P.S: To know more about this book, contact Dr. R. Sreekumar at sreenatteril@gmail.com
(Book Available both in Malayalam and English)

Sneak Peek at the photos inside:

Kathakali Pacha vesham

Kathakali Chuvapu tadi veham

Kathakali vella thadi vesham

Kathakali Krishna vesham

Karakodaka vesham in Kathakali

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