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Shades of INDIA

"Posts by Guests who writes in my blog like a Gust"

The cultural heritage of India

“After the conversations about Indian philosophy, some of the ideas of Quantum Physics that had seemed so crazy suddenly made much more sense.”
~ W. Heisenberg (German Physicist)

“If there is one place on the face of earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India!”
~ Romaine Rolland (French writer)

“In religion, India is the only millionaire……the One land that all men desire to see, and having seen once, by even a glimpse, would not give that glimpse for all the shows of all the rest of the globe combined.”
~ Mark Twain (American writer)

Be it the unity in diversity or religious acceptance, scientific achievements or Vedic preachment, dream land or nightmare for poor… India has always been the stage for almost anything moral, immoral, mortal and immortal values. Many renowned personalities all around the world had been mentioning about India in one or the other occasion, for righteous reasons. At the same time our nation was in the news for many more wrong reasons. Of course, every nation is like a coin- having heads and tails in its history. We may call it “Shades of the Nation”. It’s a fact that India, among all the nations has maximum colours in its shades and here are some of them:

  • A well known and well promoted fact all around the world is that India is “Over 450 million people are living under the poverty line, accounting India as a host to over 40% of the world’s poverty.” But at the same time, Forbe’s list of billionaires 2011, contains two persons with Indian nationality, only behind USA. 
  • World is seeing Indians as snake charmers or some random Bharathanatyam dancers while we(Indians) are going to occupy 25% of the world’s new workers in next three years(according to THE HINDU). 
  • While India is considered as one of the few countries who pray female deities, 500,000 female births are gone missing due to illegal abortions in recent decades!

    A grade offices
  • While movies and some reality shows are rumouring that India has lesser ‘A grade’ offices than tiny countries like Singapore (based on the old facts), facts state that in Bangalore, there are more A grade offices than Singapore increasing its office supply by 6 times as compared to 2006.
  • It’s a less known fact to many people that India has one of the best defence force in the world spending $50 billion on defence purchases in the last decade
  •    250 million people do not have access to the drinking water in India. While, some place called Cherrapunji, far away in the east, receives 425 inches of rainfall every year, becoming the wettest place on earth.

Indian Actors
  •     Even Indians admire Hollywood as the biggest film industry, while India sold 3.2 billion tickets last year, forming a bigger market than US and Canada combined!
Oil price hike
  •     Thousands of litres of oil is used in the worshipping of lord Hanuman and drained off, while petrol rates in India have reached 82.6 rupees/litre, highest ever!

The list goes on and on. Main purpose of the list is that there’s no need to be ashamed of being and Indian as there are many proud things about us and there are many issues which need to be sorted out to make our country a biased coin with only good things to say about!

Proud to be an Indian. 

Guest Author: Vivek R
Visit him on his Blog: vivek190992


  1. Excellent views and points. Though these facts aren't news to most people, it's always a joy to read something about our great nation.

    Enjoyed the post.

  2. Is "Gust post" about guests who come like a gust of wind on your blog?

    BTW, Cherrapunjee, the place with highest rainfall, is also a place of loss of tree cover and the rain immediately going down the hills and mountains so that in the city, there is lack of water! :)

    1. @sunil: that's a very good piece of info.. thnq :)

  3. I can see here the freedom of expression!
    Excellent post here I must say! :)

  4. -:( Say something hopeful too, Rahul. This is way too depressing...

    1. actually, this post is supposed to have both hopeful and hopeless things to balance the shades.... will try better next time

  5. Indeed proud to be Indian. Good article.

  6. Optimism. Well shown.
    However, there are a few things the author might have over looked
    1. Promotion regarding the riches of India, both in culture and economy, is always in the far world, than in India.
    2.India, as a nation is strong in all concepts of defence and finance and despite very sluggish government, has been achieving very high success rates in terms of GDP and standing as a better army power next only to very few countries of the world.
    3. The lack of water is a point of geographical diversity. No one can help it. The oil used in worship is of edible class, not of the petroleum family.
    4. Nevertheless, India, as a country, is a very important power if there comes a third world war. Every other world country knows this.

  7. I'm an NRI, and to be honest I'm happy to be away from India. When I think of returning to Mumbai or Chennai, I frown. I know India is rich and poor at the same time. I like my hometown Kayalpatnam but I hate the cities I lived in.

    The reason why I don't like India is because I see a lot of injustice when I go there. I can be biased but I feel that the rich abuse their power, and at the same time don't care much about the poor. If the rich used their influence and still helped the poor, I'd love my country a bit more.

    Like you say India is rich in its own way, I just hope the rich could join hands and save our fellow indians on the streets. It's all easier said than done, very utopian and unreal, but and innitiative or discussions would be nice to see.

    I see that my generation is better than the past in some way and worse in the other. Some of them want to volunteer and improve the lives of people, other don't even care. You can see this if you walk around bombay.. It makes me sad how.. no one really bothers..or shows a hint of responsibility towards our fellow indians on the streets..

    I think more than the numbers.. its quality of live what speaks. Can half a billion improve the lives of the other half? I hope we can, and I hope soon enough I can do something to in some small way for a few souls out there..

    I hope we have a more balanced India than a highly divided one.

    1. @farhan: wonderful! your opinion is a far more practical one than my work. Seriously! I agree with you

  8. A very good collection of snippets in this post...the quotations in the beginning are wow! Yes we ought to feel proud of being Indians,no matter what....those who dislike the anarchy or filth or injustice move away instead of doing something about it.
    I am reading the very first volume of Rigveda & i am astounded by the insights those people had into the formation & sustenance of the planetary system ,the co-relation between water bodies,sun heat & clouds etc,etc.All this when they had no observatories or Hubble space telescope to aid them.

  9. Thats a very good compilation...I have always felt proud of the fact that I am Indian and your post just made me a little more prouder :D

  10. nice to know about these facts. I read somewhere though Cherrapunji is the wettest place with highest rainfall but it faces the drinking water scarcity problem.

  11. I live away from india but my heart is in india. BUT on other hand I dont think I could come and live there though heart acehs to live.

    This ia good compilation BUT we also havea lot of evil and bad too and we as indians need to get together and work hard to make it the india that we want it to be ..

    Living on the laurals of a few is not the wya to go forward, it is true bollywood sold so many tickets but it benefited only a few ..

    we have more A class buildings but look at the size of singapore and look at the size of india..

    so much money spent on army is good , I have never been ashamed of saying I am indian, and why should i , one day with the combined effort of everyone we can make the india shining as it shoud be



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