Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Simplest THING

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What is the simplest thing one can do? is it asking questions or answering them. Asking question it is, all one needs to do is to ask about something he is sure about or knows nothing about. It seems simple enough, and also it gives you great pleasure and satisfaction, making you the lead guy and the one on top of everyone else. And we all know that the ones who take advantage and make a career out of asking questions the most are news reporters. It seems that they makes up some answers in advance first and then asks the questions such that they can feed on their victims. And all they need for this is little charm and a cunning voice, no need to be experts on the subject because no one asks them back. But is asking questions that simple? To ask a question you need to know how to ask them first. You can't just shoot the questions to someone, first you need to study the person answering closely, observe his mannerism, hand jesters, voice modulation and most importantly have to plan and prepare a series of relevant questions, and then only it will yield you some answers. Generally questions can be classified into eight different types

  1. Open question - require an expansive answer or response. 
  2. Closed question - asked to get yes/no answer. 
  3. Probing question - asked to get more details on an already   asked question. 
  4. Leading question - require answering the answer suggested by the question.
  5. Hypothetical question - asked to get answer on a possible course of action. 
  6. Multiple question - two or more questions asked, each requiring an answer.
  7. Heavily Prefaced question - gives so many details that it’s difficult to determine the question.

     Understanding these and choosing the right one is the most difficult part of asking questions because if you are not talented or not prepared well enough to do so, you will not get a positive fruit which you wanted from the process. So in my opinion asking questions is as much difficult as answering them.

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  1. Sometimes we need to think out of the box too. Answering would be fun! If you know how to answer :D

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