Sunday, July 1, 2012

What Makes Me HAPPY

Smiling face drawn on a thumb

I remember the times when I started using Orkut and started a group naming it ‘Happy’, the most positive word I could think of. It’s not a magic word that makes me happy by saying it whenever I am sad, but more of a word that gives me hope for the future. I was longing for long to write something positive, something that will make the people reading this post ‘happy’, smile a bit and think about what makes them happy too. It seems that the things that makes me happy the most are both silly and simple, silly things like closely watching the lead of a pencil as it breaks while I trace a circle over and over again, tightly hugging a tree and talking to it when no one’s watching, splashing water in the bucket few times before bath, lying on the terrace and counting the stars, lying on a beach and digging in both my hands deep into the loose sand listening to the sound of splashing waves, and doing more and more silly things in the silliest way possible. A smiling Child's face, bright sun on a rainy day and drizzle on a hot sunny day filling the air with the fragrance of dry soil, full family laughter on a Sunday night dinner, my love cuddling to my hand and walking beside me silently, sudden smell of my favorite food filling my nostrils and like that the simplest things that makes me happy goes on too. There are bigger and more complicated things that can make me happy but why go for such if simple silly things that I adore the most can make me more happy. Humans love simplicity and that’s the thing that gives him happiness the most, after all I am a human too.
Yellow smiley

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