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two hands joined in marriage

When I saw a contest in indiblogger about ‘Love marriage or Arranged marriage’ I decided to write a post on marriage. Before I begin I need to tell you know whether I am married or not, I am single and am not thinking about marriage until I reach 26. This being the situation it will be totally inappropriate and unconvincing If I criticize or even say something about both love and arranged marriages. I may be able to say few goods and flaws of both type of marriages based on others experience –mainly my relatives and friends- but instead of that I wish to share the four fundamental principles of married life I understood from them, they are Communicate, Understand, Adapt and Trust.

The principles are simple and everyone seems well aware of its importance, then why the number of divorces keeps on increasing day by day in our country. It’s a matter of great concern and one of the main reasons behind this is pre-marriage expectations about the life partner’s behavior. In earlier days even 20-30% completion of this expectation was enough for a marriage to have a happy or least an okay ending but now it has come up to 60-70%. So the faster our generation finds out that their partner doesn't match to most of their expectations, the quicker they go for a divorce. Then how did most of our earlier generation couples lead a happy married life using the same four principles. It’s because our generation lacked a key quality, a quality which is essential for the four principles to work in sync, that is Patience, needed not in surplus but enough.

Love marriage or arranged marriage which is better, which can provide a long happy married life? To get a proper answer a survey on this matter is required; I have seen and heard of many lives that had flourished and many more that perished because of both kinds of marriages. Marriage is a responsibility, a responsibility to keep each other happy, a responsibility that had to be cherished and if even one of the partners is not ready to take this responsibility or can’t keep the other happy other than himself, then it doesn't matter what kind of marriage he/she is having.

Marriage is the most sacred and purest rituals of all, the eternal bond it is said in our great epics, the bonding of two bodies’ into one mind, I wonder whether our generation believes in all this. One thing is evident though in future prolong married couples will become an endangered species and our next generation’s knowledge about such marriages will limit to twentieth century romantic novels.

An elderly couple kissing

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Birthday INDIA

August 15th Happy Birthday India
This day we celebrate the 65th birthday of our country. It’s on the same day 65 years back the struggle for a decade bear fruit, the largest democratic sovereign nation the world has ever seen was born, India got independence. India, the land of saints, spirituality, religion, culture, knowledge and salvation, the land where I had my first breath, my first walk and my first talk, the land which gave me all my loved ones and all my wonderful memories, the land where I was born and grew. Am I proud to be an Indian, more than proud, I am fortunate like the 1.22 billion Indians to take birth in this divine land.

A motivational post is not what I want to write on this day because even if I do one its impression will only last for an hour or so. You need to motivate yourself; find a spark and hold on to it until it pave way to glory for our nation as well as yourself. Ours is a democratic country and as its citizen it is our duty to know what is happening in it and how, that’s the whole purpose of democracy, we can’t sit back and hope for someone else to take responsibility of our lives. We need to act but our actions won’t find the intended results until we understand Indian politics because it has become the vein of our nation and we need it to get things done. It is this same realization that obliged Anna Hazare to enter politics. Many may say that ‘I hate politics and politicians’, and you may hate the latter but if you want to do something for your country then you need to learn politics and need to be a part of it. Politics is a business with the politicians as the corporate and public as the share holders, if the corporate knows how to run and expand the business, the share holders will get profit and will be happy, a simple example for this is Gujarat. So my humble request to my country men in this wonderful day is, do get involved in politics and work for a beautiful future.

Now to my country “Happy birthday India” this post is all I have now to give you as a birthday present but I am making this promise that “I will not back down and I will not jade until I lead my country to its former glory”. I want all my brothers and sisters to promise the same, together we can and together we will.

Happy Independence Day to you all

Jai Hind 

August 15th Indian Independence Day

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Worth READING!!!

I logged into my facebook account and found the picture bellow on my timeline with the title ‘Worth reading!!!’ I couldn't digest its message so I put a comment on it, got a quick response and I responded back, it went on for an hour and the end result is put down bellow. It’s posted here only because I liked the conversation very much and I want you all to read it. Before you start I will introduce to you the characters involved, Person A is my friend who posted this picture on my wall, Person B is me and Person C is another friend who only play a guest roll. So here it starts

A worse supporting Allah, the Islam God
Worth Reading!!!

Person B: You are saying we should live as slaves then.

Person C: Or inactive life, I think they do not believe in free will.

Person A: We got to submit to the will of Allah. If he created us, if he sustained us, he is the best person to let us know the purpose of our life.

Person A: And well, in Islam purpose of life is to worship Allah. Worship may make confusion as people consider prayer as the only worship. In Islam, smiling to a brother is a form of worship, that’s what Allah expect from us. Worship him via all the actions, whether it is at office, whether it be at home, whether it be conversing to people.

Person B: Creating something for his own purpose and use, doesn’t it look like a human quality or is it that the Almighty is selfish.

Person A: Brother, we need to live according to his terms. If you read the quote correctly, it says ‘A Muslim is he who submits himself to Allah’; the word “Muslim” means a person who submits to will of Allah.

Person A: I did not create the Jinn and human/mankind except to worship Me – Quran

Person B: That’s how we make robots too.

Person A: Verily, in the creation of the heaven and the earth, and in the alternation of night and day, there are indeed signs for men of understanding.

Person A: That’s a good comparison. Brother, if you really want to know it, please go thru Quran, because Islam is the matter of faith and science.

Person B: Faith I will agree but Science, it’s only simple logic and can be put to anything present on this planet, any books, any novels, there will be science in every word, it depends on how one want to interpret it.

Person B: Believe it or not, many years from now communism will fall into this trap of religion and a god will be created for it.

Person A: In Islam worshipping Allah is like living in full freedom, it’s like that we are secured from all harmful things and evil deeds. Islam is a religion of freedom for those who understand it very clearly and in simple manner.

Person B: I guess I don’t understand it then. For me freedom is something more than what you said, it’s living my life the way I want it.

Person A: Considering your statement, I guess I don’t understand it then. Islam’s point is “There is no god worth of worship except Allah (Allah means one god, the all mighty) and Muhammad, Jesus, Moses, Solomon and many more are the messengers of god. We need to follow the last prophet Muhammad and try to live according to Quran and not according to our will. Of course we cannot be always right, we all do sins and it’s the nature of mankind. The Arab word for human is ‘insaan’ which means a person who forgets or someone who is ungrateful. Islam teaches that the door of repentance and mercy of Allah is greater than all the sin you do except “ASSOCIATING PATNER WITH GOD/ IDOL WORKSHIP”

Person A: You think you are free when you wish or think by yourself, but you are not. Forget Islam and rules of Allah, you obey man made rules such as court rules, traffic rules, company rules, school rules. Many of the man made rules are faulty even then what is stopping you to understand and accept the rules of almighty Allah. That is complete submission to him without any partners.

Person B: I don’t want to obey or follow any human rules, but people are forcing it on me. My whole life I will try to get freedom from all this, in that course how can I put another burden on my shoulders.

Person A: Brother, think about it. You cannot deny the fact that you are here, living in this earth for a purpose.

Person B: The only truth about all that’s living is death. Whatever we do and however we do it, it will happen to all that’s living and no one can stop it. So enjoy the life, that is all I can say because it’s a onetime opportunity, leave everything aside and live it, not for me not for anyone else but for you.

 The End.

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Sunday, August 5, 2012


Yellow coloured, School traffic sign
In school, remember the times when you were in the class of the strictest and roughest teacher in the entire school, who carries half a meter long and thumb finger tick stick -in most cases it is the drill teacher - and just sits in the class doing nothing. I was in my seventh grade and was in the middle of such a class, after that period it’s lunch time and my tummy was already grumbling.  I turned to my right and whispered in my friend’s ears “what you have for lunch”, “Stand up you” came a grumpy call, the whole class fell silent – so silent that I could hear my heart pounding inside my ears- and all started looking at each other nervously not knowing for whom the call was for.  All except one, I knew it was meant for me, so I dropped my head down and started staring at my shoes, admiring the work my mom had done on it to make it such a shining masterpiece. “You in the middle, last row”, I could feel his thick round fingers pointing right trough me, more over that I could feel over fifty pair of eyes all shifting their gaze on me with a sign of relief. I stood up; head still down-not finished with the shoes yet- “Who is our state’s Home minister?” He asked, “What did she use to make this shine so much, the shoe polish or the sponge thingy” I wondered. “Look at me when I am asking you something” a bit more anger in his voice now, suddenly a red light popped in front of my eyes and that was a warning from my brain saying that if I don’t respond to this either, its trouble. I acknowledged the warning and looked up at him; I could see some of my friends amused by my act but he wasn't   “Do you know the answer or not” he asked again, more of a scorn in his voice than anger now. He was sure that I don’t know the answer even before asking, then why did he asked and why do the drill teachers always ask this kind of questions – and why don’t we have a lady drill teacher - he could have asked something from my books instead - it’s not that I would have known the answer for that, but that could have avoided “You know how importance it is to read news paper and so and so…” advice from him. So I stood there occasionally raising my gaze up to see his facial expressions – there was none - and hoping for the inevitable to happen.
Cartoon of a teacher pointing stick at the black board

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