Sunday, August 5, 2012


Yellow coloured, School traffic sign
In school, remember the times when you were in the class of the strictest and roughest teacher in the entire school, who carries half a meter long and thumb finger tick stick -in most cases it is the drill teacher - and just sits in the class doing nothing. I was in my seventh grade and was in the middle of such a class, after that period it’s lunch time and my tummy was already grumbling.  I turned to my right and whispered in my friend’s ears “what you have for lunch”, “Stand up you” came a grumpy call, the whole class fell silent – so silent that I could hear my heart pounding inside my ears- and all started looking at each other nervously not knowing for whom the call was for.  All except one, I knew it was meant for me, so I dropped my head down and started staring at my shoes, admiring the work my mom had done on it to make it such a shining masterpiece. “You in the middle, last row”, I could feel his thick round fingers pointing right trough me, more over that I could feel over fifty pair of eyes all shifting their gaze on me with a sign of relief. I stood up; head still down-not finished with the shoes yet- “Who is our state’s Home minister?” He asked, “What did she use to make this shine so much, the shoe polish or the sponge thingy” I wondered. “Look at me when I am asking you something” a bit more anger in his voice now, suddenly a red light popped in front of my eyes and that was a warning from my brain saying that if I don’t respond to this either, its trouble. I acknowledged the warning and looked up at him; I could see some of my friends amused by my act but he wasn't   “Do you know the answer or not” he asked again, more of a scorn in his voice than anger now. He was sure that I don’t know the answer even before asking, then why did he asked and why do the drill teachers always ask this kind of questions – and why don’t we have a lady drill teacher - he could have asked something from my books instead - it’s not that I would have known the answer for that, but that could have avoided “You know how importance it is to read news paper and so and so…” advice from him. So I stood there occasionally raising my gaze up to see his facial expressions – there was none - and hoping for the inevitable to happen.
Cartoon of a teacher pointing stick at the black board

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