Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Birthday INDIA

August 15th Happy Birthday India
This day we celebrate the 65th birthday of our country. It’s on the same day 65 years back the struggle for a decade bear fruit, the largest democratic sovereign nation the world has ever seen was born, India got independence. India, the land of saints, spirituality, religion, culture, knowledge and salvation, the land where I had my first breath, my first walk and my first talk, the land which gave me all my loved ones and all my wonderful memories, the land where I was born and grew. Am I proud to be an Indian, more than proud, I am fortunate like the 1.22 billion Indians to take birth in this divine land.

A motivational post is not what I want to write on this day because even if I do one its impression will only last for an hour or so. You need to motivate yourself; find a spark and hold on to it until it pave way to glory for our nation as well as yourself. Ours is a democratic country and as its citizen it is our duty to know what is happening in it and how, that’s the whole purpose of democracy, we can’t sit back and hope for someone else to take responsibility of our lives. We need to act but our actions won’t find the intended results until we understand Indian politics because it has become the vein of our nation and we need it to get things done. It is this same realization that obliged Anna Hazare to enter politics. Many may say that ‘I hate politics and politicians’, and you may hate the latter but if you want to do something for your country then you need to learn politics and need to be a part of it. Politics is a business with the politicians as the corporate and public as the share holders, if the corporate knows how to run and expand the business, the share holders will get profit and will be happy, a simple example for this is Gujarat. So my humble request to my country men in this wonderful day is, do get involved in politics and work for a beautiful future.

Now to my country “Happy birthday India” this post is all I have now to give you as a birthday present but I am making this promise that “I will not back down and I will not jade until I lead my country to its former glory”. I want all my brothers and sisters to promise the same, together we can and together we will.

Happy Independence Day to you all

Jai Hind 

August 15th Indian Independence Day

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