Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What Is GOD?

Stars in space with a blue tint

I have always been intrigued by the concept of god, the creator of the universe and beyond, as many say. To get a better opinion about this I googled “What is god?”  And I got the first hit from Wikipedia, definition of god - “God is either the sole deity in monotheism or the monist deity in polytheism”. Another hit says “God is omniscience, omnipotent, omnibenevolent and omnipresent”. Hats off, I would say to all those who understood god.

I asked a few people these questions, Why they believe in god and how do they come to believe? The most common answer I get is that they don’t know how they came to believe but they were sure that there is a supreme power and it is god. But I think people believe in god, because they were told to. As children we were all told by our mothers and grandmothers that god  exists, he is watching us all, punishing whoever does wrong deeds and granting wishes for  those who do good deeds. For a child god is as simple as that, but as we grow older god becomes complex like all other things around us and we start depending on him for every little this, every little that and every little everything. We built a strong belief that someone with the power to do everything is looking after us. But don’t you thing we as an individual have the power to do anything we want by ourselves, look around us, see what we are capable of, if you want to create a new living planet for yourself you can do that, nothing I mean nothing is impossible to us, then why do we need a god? I am asking you.

man standing in a dark room and the light fall on his face

What if we were never told about god? In every person who answered my question, I sensed fear more than belief. They fear god will punish them for every bad thing they had done in their life and some think that god will punish them for even answering such a question. I personally think we as a human race would be happier and peaceful if there is no god. I know things get a whole lot harder when we are responsible for our own actions but does it make it any simpler by putting all that on god. “He has decided our fate and we should live according to his wish”-this is what they say. Open your eyes I plead to you who can’t see, from the very first moment of your birth till now only you are responsible for your life, no one else is and no one will. The blood spilt on the name of god is more than any world war, belief in god cannot bring out the good in a man, he himself has the power to do it but he may need help from his fellow mates.

I am a simple person, I believe in the good of people and what they can achieve by that. I have been in situations where without a certain persons help things would have turned bad. I passed my exams because I studied and deserved the marks I got. I had bad times because in one way or another I was responsible for them, I had good times because I made it happen.

And now it’s time for my final question - Do I believe in god? I believe in myself and the infinite potential man has to do good.

by Rohini Krishnan (R.K)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Crayon TREE

I had not written any post lately; it was a stressful past two weeks for me and I was in a state of total imagination black out. Couldn't think of anything to write, spent too much time in front of my laptop hoping to write something but wasted most by watching Dexter (a television series and now I think it might be the reason for my stress). Yesterday I switched on my backup generator and thus ended the worst blackout I could remember, small bulbs lit inside my brain titillating the imagination cells and as a result  I drew what you see bellow. I know it’s not much of a masterpiece but the crayons (which are owned by my two beautiful nieces both 4 and 6 years respectively to whom I like to convey my gratitude at this occasion) did help me to relive my stress.

A Crayon drawing by Rahul
Crayon tree

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Reservation is Old but not GOLD

A hotel tag saying Reservation
Are we living in a democratic nation, the reservations and concessions given in all the educational and Job sectors make me ask so. If there was any morality in the reservation system our country follows then I wouldn't have asked this. Almost sixty years back the idea of reservation was apt for our then newly independent democratic nation. For the fundamental growth of the nation, the legislators saw the need for the citizens from all communities and religion to work together discarding their differences. Reservation and concession was thus introduced for minorities and then suffering communities to bring them forth in both education and government affairs. Now two three generations have passed and the people who now does injustice to those suffering are not the upper class any more but are from their own communities who had already harvested the fruit.

Let me tell you the story of one of my friend who is now studying in a well recognized Engineering college and has a long list of exam arrears in his credit. He wasn't that bright in school and got only pass mark in all subjects. He wrote the engineering entrance exam and didn't do well in that too. But he was from an oppressed community, thus he overtook few thousand of students and got admission in one of the best colleges, which he obviously didn't deserve. I said he didn't deserve it not only because he was bad in studies but also he didn't belong to an oppressed community any more. That’s right, it may be wrote in his matriculation or caste certificate that he belong to an oppressed community but his parents, father a recognized scientist in ISRO (Indian Space and Research Organization), mother a professor in an arts college, does seem much oppressed. This is not a work of my imagination or simply an odd case; there are lakhs and crores of such stories all around the country, where the benefits are not reaching those in need. Now the only relevant question is who belongs to the oppressed community and who needs the reservation, the people who don’t have enough earning to even feed their children, the people who were exploited by those with power and money. Not for any lower caste or any minority religion, the reservations and concessions should be given to people (consider all as equal) who don’t have the money to get into a school or college.
The homeless and poor people in India

Reservations and concessions can only be justified if it is given to the deserved. To do so our government should introduce a system to properly monitor the annual income of each and every family and then select a minimum income bellow which the reservation is provided (irrespective of caste and religion), a Minimum Reservation Income (MRI). Thus if a person benefits from the reservation system ones and improves his annual income, which if crosses the MRI, his children won’t be allowed to benefit from the system like his father. If such a system is designed and is put into motion then a time will come when there is no need for the reservations to exist.

A more detailed view on this can be read on one of my other post : Inequality

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Al Areen Wildlife PARK

Al Areen Wildlife Park is the only natural reserve in Bahrain. Well maintained place with green all around, a rare sight in gulf countries and a beautiful one too. I was only able to make few clicks before my brother’s camera juiced out.

A bird in cage, photo taken by Rahul

A photo taken by Rahul from Bahrain

A photo taken by Rahul from Bahrain

A photo taken by Rahul from Bahrain

A photo taken by Rahul from Bahrain

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