Thursday, September 20, 2012

Crayon TREE

I had not written any post lately; it was a stressful past two weeks for me and I was in a state of total imagination black out. Couldn't think of anything to write, spent too much time in front of my laptop hoping to write something but wasted most by watching Dexter (a television series and now I think it might be the reason for my stress). Yesterday I switched on my backup generator and thus ended the worst blackout I could remember, small bulbs lit inside my brain titillating the imagination cells and as a result  I drew what you see bellow. I know it’s not much of a masterpiece but the crayons (which are owned by my two beautiful nieces both 4 and 6 years respectively to whom I like to convey my gratitude at this occasion) did help me to relive my stress.

A Crayon drawing by Rahul
Crayon tree

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