Saturday, September 8, 2012

Reservation is Old but not GOLD

A hotel tag saying Reservation
Are we living in a democratic nation, the reservations and concessions given in all the educational and Job sectors make me ask so. If there was any morality in the reservation system our country follows then I wouldn't have asked this. Almost sixty years back the idea of reservation was apt for our then newly independent democratic nation. For the fundamental growth of the nation, the legislators saw the need for the citizens from all communities and religion to work together discarding their differences. Reservation and concession was thus introduced for minorities and then suffering communities to bring them forth in both education and government affairs. Now two three generations have passed and the people who now does injustice to those suffering are not the upper class any more but are from their own communities who had already harvested the fruit.

Let me tell you the story of one of my friend who is now studying in a well recognized Engineering college and has a long list of exam arrears in his credit. He wasn't that bright in school and got only pass mark in all subjects. He wrote the engineering entrance exam and didn't do well in that too. But he was from an oppressed community, thus he overtook few thousand of students and got admission in one of the best colleges, which he obviously didn't deserve. I said he didn't deserve it not only because he was bad in studies but also he didn't belong to an oppressed community any more. That’s right, it may be wrote in his matriculation or caste certificate that he belong to an oppressed community but his parents, father a recognized scientist in ISRO (Indian Space and Research Organization), mother a professor in an arts college, does seem much oppressed. This is not a work of my imagination or simply an odd case; there are lakhs and crores of such stories all around the country, where the benefits are not reaching those in need. Now the only relevant question is who belongs to the oppressed community and who needs the reservation, the people who don’t have enough earning to even feed their children, the people who were exploited by those with power and money. Not for any lower caste or any minority religion, the reservations and concessions should be given to people (consider all as equal) who don’t have the money to get into a school or college.
The homeless and poor people in India

Reservations and concessions can only be justified if it is given to the deserved. To do so our government should introduce a system to properly monitor the annual income of each and every family and then select a minimum income bellow which the reservation is provided (irrespective of caste and religion), a Minimum Reservation Income (MRI). Thus if a person benefits from the reservation system ones and improves his annual income, which if crosses the MRI, his children won’t be allowed to benefit from the system like his father. If such a system is designed and is put into motion then a time will come when there is no need for the reservations to exist.

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