Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Parting the sea and walk through it, a miracle
Fantasy is not Reality

Miracle in its divine meaning never happens, the happenings that we mention as miracle can be understood more clearly if we compare it with the winning of a lottery. In a lottery draw only few win prizes but many others known and unknown to them have contributed for that outcome. In reality every participated individual have acted for their own benefit and at the draw only few benefited, to the winners the outcome is a miracle but in fact it is only a random happening of the sure outcome. The winners focus all their attention on the prize and a little do they acknowledge the contributions that led to it, this finally leads to their belief in miracles. In life the same happens, every individual work for his/her own satisfaction and need, but the various outcomes of these works favor only few. That is, miracle is simply a favorable result that chooses random beneficiaries, which only happen by numerous individual contributions.

If we put time and thought into it, the truth can be seen that there is nothing divine or supernatural about the so called miracles.

Poster representation of the word Miracle

Monday, October 22, 2012


Slum dwellers near Mumbai Airport, India

A follow up of one of my previous post ‘Reservation is old but not gold’. In the same it was put forth that how the cast based reservation is destroying the concept of democracy and the necessary need of a new concept which can help the lower class people (not based on cast but based on income). In this post too the same concern is addressed but by a more familiar term, Inequality. I say it is familiar because inequality in its many forms molded our history and the world as we know it now. Race, gender, religion, language, skin tone, cast and labor are considered as the main reason of inequality all around the world and India in spite of its diversity in language, culture and beliefs have succeeded in reducing the margin of these inequalities considerably within a short duration of 65 years. Though as an Indian I should pride myself for my country’s this achievement, I couldn't as another form of inequality (inequality of wealth) is destroying the fundamental structure of this nation’s democracy and constitution. The margin between the wealthy and the poor are increasing in a drastic way (that is the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting worse) and the elected state and national government whose duty is to function for the welfare of the nation and all its citizens are staying loyal only to the minorities (the upper class).

Now I am briefing a comment written on my previous post by a gentleman, in which he completely opposes my idea of providing reservation on the basis of income instead of cast because in his opinion the government is providing funds to help fight poverty and that is enough. He also says that he is from a lower cast family and had benefited from the reservation system during his studies. He worked hard and got job in a very good company where he now gets a salary of 1 lakh per month. He also wrote about the difficulties that he faced and also now facing in his native village from the so called upper cast people there. He also says that even though he now is in a good financial condition, he would want his kids to benefit from the reservation system because of the injustice done to his ancestors for so long. All over India these kinds of immoral discrimination by the so called upper cast people is clearly visible, mostly in some specific states but the percentage of such acts have seen a steady drop since our nations independence and now is limited to the elder generation only. But what does the upper class men (like my friend above) from the lower communities do for the poor people in their own community. Forget about helping, whom does it affect the most if these upper class people allow their children to benefit from the reservation system, each college seat and job taken by them using the system is pushing a family from their own community into poverty.  

Indian State Hunger index
Indian state Hunger Index

Why in India inequality is so strong and growing in such a radical rate? The simplest answer is because those who have the power to make everything right don’t care and those who care are subdued. To this generation cast discrimination means nothing, most don’t even care what cast they are in or the people around them, all they care about is themselves. I want the best education, I want the best job, I want freedom, I want respect, I want more money, I want power and above all I want my kids to have everything in surplus than I did, that is “I alone matters” this is the message that we are teaching the young generation.

It is always about I and my family, what about other families? The ones struggling to support their lives each day, the children who work instead of going to school because the only thing that they see in their future is poverty, don’t they have a right in this country and don’t they deserve a better life, do any of the capable people (cast, religion and class alike) do anything for these people in need, than showing useless sympathy on their lives whenever they see a magazine article or TV news.

Homeless and poor in India

I am not asking you all to be great nationals and do things for the sake of all needy countrymen. I am only asking you to help those in your own community. You may think that giving them money will help but the truth is that money alone won’t solve the problems, awareness campaigns are as necessary as the former to make them understand their constitutional rights, need for nutritious food, sanitation and above all the importance of sending their children to school.

First we need to bring development in our own humanity and then we can think about other developments. Government sure can implement some new policies to help the cause, like they did with the cast discrimination, but ultimately it’s always the people who need to change.

Inequality adjusted Human Development Index (IHDI) –Indian IHDI
Inequality adjusted Human Development Index (IHDI) –Indian IHDI stands at 0.392 as compared to the HDI of 0.547. In the list of 134 countries, India stands at rank 93, had the dent not been so much, India would have been indicated in the yellow.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Is computer a reason for my increasing laziness, I won’t say so but computer with an internet connection, that may be yes. After some serious consideration of the complaints regarding my spending most time in front of the laptop from my uncle, cousin and his wife (my two beautiful nieces won’t mind it though, as I occasionally show them some cartoon movies in it, my sweet hearts) I now acknowledge the truth that I am spending too much time in front of my Compaq, checking facebook, email and watching ridiculous videos on the most spoiling website of them all – YouTube. This sudden realization of truth that the internet is spoiling me and dwarfing my creativity, hurt me real bad, so I gave up my lap for ‘2 whole hours’ and let my creativity to flow free. The end result of my short creative rebirth is presented below, hope you all like it because that is all my creativity could come up with.

Drawing of an eye by Rahul
The drawing of a tree by Rahul

Thursday, October 4, 2012


The meaning of Addiction
I recently saw an exclusive report in a leading Malayalam news channel; the report was on tail of a suggestion made by the Kerala high court aiming at reducing liquor consumption and the news showed some videos in which few school students in their uniforms and school bags were buying alcohol from a beverage shop. After the reporter’s narration of a well written script it was time for exclusivity, like all other news channels lot of distinguished personals were introduced (both in person and on phone) and the discussion was started in hope that it will boost the channel’s Tvr, but little did they realize that there was nothing exclusive about their news. ‘Drink liquor and smoke cigarettes’ has become the slogan of majority of the youths in Kerala for quite some time, they pride themselves in doing it (more so when others see them too), so few school boys in front of the beverage shop buying liquor wouldn't bring much shock to the so literate Keralites.

Liver cirrhosis, lung cancer, pain, agonizing death, what more misery could one want, it seems understanding is one thing but working for it is another. The truth is that everyone knows the health hazard of alcohol consumption and chain smoking; they know what ultimate price they have to pay for such a weakness but how many do avoid/quit its use and help others in doing the same. The numbers suggest that each year the number of people addicted to alcohol and cigarettes are increasing in a drastic way in India (even more increase in death rate due it). The more shocking and concerning fact is that majority of the addicts are in their youth (age range from 14-30), the same youths to whom the future of our country is entrusted. Now alcohol and cigarette (don’t even get me started on Pan Masalas) has become more of an unavoidable bonding agent in most teen friend circles, they believe it will make them look more matured and acceptable to others. I have seen many of my friends start smoking just to get accepted into a school/college gang (it’s like smoking cigarette is their membership card, ‘a daring challenge it is’ they would say) and later become chain smokers. I feel sorry for them for surrendering their lives so easily and at the same time guilty for not preventing them. But I am taking an oath now that “I won’t ever fall a victim to addiction and will save those trapped in its deadly claws”

After all addiction is only a weakness, a weakness to which saying NO is hard but not impossible. So stay away from addictives and live a beautiful life not a half conscious one.
Sign prohibiting the use of alcohol and smoking

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