Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Parting the sea and walk through it, a miracle
Fantasy is not Reality

Miracle in its divine meaning never happens, the happenings that we mention as miracle can be understood more clearly if we compare it with the winning of a lottery. In a lottery draw only few win prizes but many others known and unknown to them have contributed for that outcome. In reality every participated individual have acted for their own benefit and at the draw only few benefited, to the winners the outcome is a miracle but in fact it is only a random happening of the sure outcome. The winners focus all their attention on the prize and a little do they acknowledge the contributions that led to it, this finally leads to their belief in miracles. In life the same happens, every individual work for his/her own satisfaction and need, but the various outcomes of these works favor only few. That is, miracle is simply a favorable result that chooses random beneficiaries, which only happen by numerous individual contributions.

If we put time and thought into it, the truth can be seen that there is nothing divine or supernatural about the so called miracles.

Poster representation of the word Miracle


  1. Captivating views on miracles ...
    Keep writing and exploring :)

  2. Sir I disagree, can you tell me if some blind is able to see, a leper is healed and dead (remains deads for four days) and then raised from day will you call it random happening or human efforts or simply a miracle!!! This are too far look around the nature and I see everything is a miracle


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