Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Is computer a reason for my increasing laziness, I won’t say so but computer with an internet connection, that may be yes. After some serious consideration of the complaints regarding my spending most time in front of the laptop from my uncle, cousin and his wife (my two beautiful nieces won’t mind it though, as I occasionally show them some cartoon movies in it, my sweet hearts) I now acknowledge the truth that I am spending too much time in front of my Compaq, checking facebook, email and watching ridiculous videos on the most spoiling website of them all – YouTube. This sudden realization of truth that the internet is spoiling me and dwarfing my creativity, hurt me real bad, so I gave up my lap for ‘2 whole hours’ and let my creativity to flow free. The end result of my short creative rebirth is presented below, hope you all like it because that is all my creativity could come up with.

Drawing of an eye by Rahul
The drawing of a tree by Rahul

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