Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Summer Rain

Green, Rain, Forest, Summer

It began to rain at last,
after a long summer fast.           
Wetting dirt, filling hearts
with each cooling drop.

The sun peeked through,
the dark painted smoke.
Painting a piece with -
its seven colour stock.

The valley brought to life,
as the river start to grow.
The wilted greens bellow,
danced in the rain’s mellow.

The elixir of life touched earth,
ending the latent summer and -
life rose out to the crust, to
a new beginning and to life.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Moment To Remember

Love, Swans, Lake, Moment
Moments are precious even if they are buried deep inside long after they happen; they fuel our future life and make a better person out of us. Most people regret the moments they missed just because they hesitated even though it was in their grasp. The one moment that I promised to myself that I won’t miss to regret later was that with my true love, our intimate moments, worrying not about the society and its sarcastic approval ceremony for our life together. Love a memory that lasts forever was always a dramatic fantasy to me, with appropriate words uttered always and perfect scenes in romantic shades. How I will find her, how it will happen to me and how I will behave afterwards, all of this I have thought about in advance but when it really happened to me, I was stunned as there is no comparison for it in my puny brain.

Rakeesh my dear friend looked at me in surprise, my eyes were filled with tears, my brain numbed and my tongue tumbled like a choking engine to get a start,

“She called me”, I uttered finally in delight realizing that our love has acquired a pure, rare and eternal state, this is our platinum day of love.

It was only few minutes’ back when my phone rang, I grabbed it in a flash, it wasn’t the number that I was expecting but I pressed the green button involuntarily as my heart was pushing my body to its extreme.

“Hello” I said, the response from the other end was complete silence, with a faint rhythm of breath rising from its depths.

“It’s you, I knew you will call, you cannot break up with me” I rushed through the words so fast that even I couldn’t follow.

“Speak to me please, say something, don’t be silent” My words were filled with emotion which I thought I never had. There was a sudden burst of tears from the other side and she broke her silence,

“I love you, I love you forever”, her words filled my ears and a warmth engulfed me, we weren’t at two far ends of the line anymore but within one another. It felt deeper and finer now, our bud of love has bloomed at last and the fragrance was so intense that we spent the rest of the conversation in silence sharing our selves to the other through the realm of space and time.

Few hours back I was in my college, in her classroom sitting next to her. Since I first met her in the freshmen year I have never been this close to her and this first time wasn’t a pleasant one either.  Our relationship was a total secret in the campus and so most of her classmates were staring at us in wonder. I didn’t care about any of them, not even the lecturers; my entire focus was on her and her alone. She was sitting beside me, head down, face as dull as a sun less sky and one palm folded into other and thumbs rubbing.

Yesterday we talked about it and were sure that time will turn the tide to our favor, all we have to do is to wait it out but today she wasn’t her usual cheerful self. When I saw her in the morning I knew something was wrong and that is the reason why I was sitting beside her.

“What happened” I asked with a concerned voice. She remained silent, “What is it” I got restless.

“Mom told dad” she smirked and tears started to drip from her partly opened eyes to her smooth pale cheeks. It was feeling heavy inside me, with her each drop of tear; a weight was dropped on to my chest making breathing a hard task to perform.

“For the first time in my life, I saw my father cry, because of me, because of my love” she said and broke into tears. I wanted to comfort her but couldn’t, she suddenly wiped hard the wetness from her cheeks and turned to me.

“Let’s en..d it here, everything” she couldn’t say anything further, her eyes were drowned in tears. I stood up; turned to her “I never wanted….hurt…” I turned around and walked to my class, throat dry and eyes wet. The love of my life ends there I thought, with my friend Rakeesh I bunked the afternoon class and headed towards our dwell hoping to escape from the heated up atmosphere.

It was two days before it all started, her mother came to know about our love, the source was unknown but she knew all the details about me. She was a typical Indian mother and like all others thought of me as a thief trying to steal something dear to her. She confronted her daughter regarding this and after initial resistance my love had to yield to her mother.  She endured piercing throne of words and few physical blows for our love from her mother which by the way is unusual around here if it doesn’t occur. Later that day she somehow managed to phone me and told me all that happened.

And there started a new chapter in our life making our one true memory pure, rare and eternal like platinum.   

This post is written for a contest in IndiBlogger for “Platinumday of Love”

Platinum rings, Indiblogger

Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Wish

A shooting star, Make a wish

Wish I could go back and
Let out all those words,
Once held back hoping
To set things right.

Wish I’d studied less and
Learnt more of life.
Ways to be content
With what I have and am.

Wish to just sit listening to,
The old wise sea singing.
Tales of those brave souls,
Who once walked her shores.

Wish to see just the good,
Even in the worst enemy.
Just as one tries to find
A light in the dark.

By Algo

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Signature

Ink Pen and signature
It is only been few weeks since I have got into a job after a tiresome year of wait and trial. It was a nervous time for me, a first timer in the spot light of expectations; I kept trying hard to prove my worth and worked harder to impress everyone. It was very difficult at first, it often felt that I am abducted into an alien world with no clue what so ever about my new surroundings and asked to survive by my own. Minutes seemed like hours and the technical journals on my desk seem insufficient to pass time any further. It was then, at those highly productive working hours that all of sudden he asked me to sign the LPO (local purchase order), it was my colleague who entrusted me with that sacred task. It was the first time I was going to sign in an official document since my entry into this company. I felt important for the first time there; a surge of blood to my brain lit my face up bright, with pride I looked around expecting few jealous faces eyeing at me in despair for getting such an opportunity. I wasn't dismayed at all, as expected there he was in his usual place outside the glazed window, staring at me with his two small but never the less spiteful red eyes. He was a pigeon, a creature of flight with a very poor sense of body colour and an unsteady neck which might me ancestral, he was so irritated by what I have achieved or may be by the heat outside, which still remains a matter needing thoughtful discussion, any way he started poking hard on the glass with his metal hard beak in disbelief. I took my pen out, pressed hard on it, made a hasty peep at the pigeon and smirked, with a smooth swish of my right hand singed on the yellow sheet. There it is, my signature marked in blue.

My name scripted in a lazy stroke, under lined and twice dotted at the end to give it a final touch, there it is my signature. I looked at it and the pride which filled my face earlier disappeared in an instant, “Is this my sign, it doesn't look much, it doesn't even have a style to it”. I was totally destroyed that the one thing that I could say my own with pride has let me down. There I saw a knife pointing at my passion to become a writer, how will I sign the autographs when I becomes a recognized writer, How will I look into my fans face when they see that their dearly admired author doesn't even have a good signature. So people I decided to work hard on it and in the process also came up with these going to be famous line 'Practice makes a good signature' 

P.S : True story, I swear...... 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Why Do I

Why, Pencil and paper, Question

Why do I often find myself alone even in a crowd.

Why do I laugh often but don’t really enjoy it.

Why do I sleep often and still feel tired.

Why do I astray often, even without a reason.

Why do I feel often like a shadow,

Of my old self with no life of its own.

Why do I feel often, like those foot prints on sand,

Trailing behind till you get far enough,

Waiting to be washed away in the waves of time.

Don't remember when I lost sight of myself,

But this I know that

I have miles to go and smiles to spread. 

by Algo

Monday, August 26, 2013


Kerala, The gods own country, water bodies and coconut trees
I love to travel, meet people, see new places and fill myself with the freshness and love of Mother Nature. Though how far I go and how wonderful I feel there is always an ach inside me, a pull that disturbs me in my travels, the longing for something that I left behind, my home. Now I am really far from there, it’s not a pleasure trip but one to get a steady foot in life and so I reached the land of the Delmon civilization a year back. Hot and humid days in this sandy land make me wish often that I shouldn't have left home. How can a mild hearted tropical creature like me from the wet green lands of Kerala survive in this dusty island of palm trees. It is the memories at home that fuel me to withstand the blazing sun above and the boiling sand underneath.

Radiating calmness both in body and soul like an elderly abbot the vast sea surrounds me here, calm Sea and bright mornings were not something that I was used to. I was born in a village covered with plenty of coconut tree umbrellas, muddy fields and the sea not far either. Unlike that I see in Bahrain the water there has the mind of a teenager, arrogant yet full of life. It smashes hard on the rocks again and again trying to get freed from the man built boundaries and thus adding a hint of adventure to whomever care to stare.

I miss my land and the smell of the breeze that pats her all day long. The sense of smell is a wonderful sensation that can take you to realm of nostalgia. All you have to do is close your eyes and let it into your lungs through your nose; it pokes the brain and drags out the memories that are buried deep within. It’s often the good ones that are awaked in me, when I smell the air as few drops of water wets the thirsty sand; it take me to my childhood memory were I rest in the coconut tree shades all exhausted, praying at the dark clouds floating far away to sink the summer sun in their depths. Early morning sun heats the air and gives a unique fragrance, which reminds me of my mother’s face waking me up from my bed. It’s the smell that takes me back to my home and brings a smile to my face even when my eyes say I am far away. 

PS: This post is written for a contest in indiblogger 'Smelly to Smiley!' by Ambi Pur.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Bloggers Syndrome

A girl thinking, blogger syndrome
Its official now, research team from the IINJ has confirmed the existence of the bloggers syndrome. After three years of intense research and studies on 1000 regular bloggers across the country, the founder of the institute IINJ (Indian Institute of Nut Jobs) and the head of its research team Dr. Nut Job have officially announced the presence of this deadly disorder in 80% of their test subjects.

It is been reported that this senseless discovery has stunned the blogging community as many of the mainstream bloggers self diagnosed this disease after its official release. The leading news channels are showing their concern for the ailing bloggers across the country by broadcasting hourly debates with the full participation of all the available politicians and religious heads. The ruling and opposition political parties have decided to bring a law in the next session of the parliament to ban blogs; twitter and facebook are also on the verge of banishment so that any future syndromes can be prevented. On light of this matter the US president addressed the world early this morning and proclaimed that United States of America is keeping a watchful eye over this matter by means of UAVs and will intervene if necessary in a peaceful way. This move by the US has led to a heavy loss in the site traffic of the Indian blogs as most of the governments around the world blocked Indian sites due to the worry that the disease might be contagious.

In an exclusive interview to an exclusive news channel Dr. Nut has detailed his fist encounter with this peculiar disorder. ‘It was in the last quarter of the year 2008 that I detected an irregularity in the behaviors of few of my students, told Dr. Nut Job. I observed these personals closely for one month and found out that each person showed similar pattern of weirdness in their behavior which deviated from their former boring selves. So I widened my study and observed that, sudden rise in curiosity, concern about earth and humanity, increase in reading habits, involvement in political and social matters, extreme obsession towards writing are the most common symptoms of this disease. I dedicated my life and work for the past three years in the research of this disorder and found it to be an acute disorder which can lead to deadly outcomes, that is creating passionate humans and reformed societies so in order to control it, it is highly recommend that the infected individuals be isolated from societies to save the rest. I personally request the government to put a ban on the freedom of expression through words, especially those which uses reason and logic’. 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Lonely Bud

A little girl standing alone in an alley
It was a Friday evening and the school fell into an odd silence, as all the children left as soon as the bell rang. Its weekend and the school won’t open till next Monday; the joy of the holidays filled the faces of the children and the teachers alike as they left the school grounds. A lean young man in a khaki shirt and dhoti’s was rushing through the corridors with a bundle of keys dangling in his hand, closing the windows and locking the doors of each classroom, his name was Appu and he was the school peon. It’s past 5 pm and he was in a hurry not because of the principle waiting in her office for the keys but of the thought of the heavy queue in front of the liquor shop at the late hours.  

Mrs. Sushama Raj was the principle of the school, a pleasant woman in her forties. She was on her desk doing some paper works when she heard few loud calling for her from Appu, she went out and found Appu standing in front of a far corner classroom gesturing with his hands and talking through the door as if to someone.  As she walked towards him, he saw her and ran to her. “Kids are rotten these days, they don’t even have respect for their elders, I am telling her to get out of the classroom and what she says, that she won’t leave” he spilled out the words in a rush and anger, he glazed at his watch dials then back at the women, continued cursing children, his job and vaguely about some queue. Mrs. Raj wasn't entirely sure about what happened with Appu but understood that some on was in the ‘7th A’ class room and that Appu wasn't in a mood to wait any longer. She told him that she will manage the rest of the classes; though he would have loved it he couldn't accept such a thing from the schools principle, so he marched towards the rest of the classrooms in a hurry.

Mrs. Raj reached the classroom and found a girl sitting on the last row bench. She was lying with her hands crossed on the plane and head above it facing downwards, Mrs. Raj could say she was crying as her body was jerking of sobbing. She walked towards the girl and sat, opposite to her. Mrs. Raj in her soft voice asked her why she was crying, without raising her head the girl mumbled through her sob that she won’t leave and she kept on repeating it. Patting the young girls head she said gently “Nobody is asking you to leave dear, I just want to know why you are crying”, the girl didn't reply, “Are you studying in this class”, between the intervals of her snuff the girl replied “Yes”.

“Look at me dear, you know young girls shouldn't cry, especially the pretty ones like you, whatever the matter is you can talk to me” the women continued, “What happened, your mother scolded you or did she hit you”. The young girl raised her head slightly to look at the teacher, “My mother…My mother…” she fell back on her arms and wept hard. Mrs. Raj saw the girl’s face and realized it was ‘Gauri’, she knew her well, in fact the entire school knew her. The girl met with two great losses in such a young age, two years back her mother died of cancer and the previous year her elder sister, her only sibling committed suicide. Her name was ‘Gaythre’; she was a high school student in the same school, a brilliant one too, after their mother’s death, she took care of Gauri but it only short lived.

Mrs. Raj got really worried now, she through her hands around the girl and hugged her, “Tell me child, what is the matter, tell to me whatever it is, I am like your mother” she said. Gauri raised her eyes and looked into Mrs. Raj’s, the little face looked feeble and the dark eyes bleak and full with tear, she stared at the teacher for few moment and finally found some strength to speak “My…my…father….and my uncle……they…they….b…because of them…my sister died…..now they are……” the young girl collapsed on Mrs. Raj’s hands and burst out, muttering “ I …don’t ….want….go….”

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Indian Way

Proud to be an Indian, Indian National Flag,
One of the many things we Indians are good at is in blaming others, we always get irritated by others actions and are never concerned about how ours transpire to them. We like to live in a state of self denial of our own mistakes and flaws, projecting ourselves as the perfect human with explicit ethics and view the world through that shaded outlook, thinking themselves as the proper man living in an improper world, working hard, even fighting to correct it, how more pathetic can it get.  

We live in a country run by politicians and the rich, according to whom we all are totally ignorant fools, we don’t know how to run a country or a political party or a multinational cooperation and in fact we don’t even know what we want for over selves. So out of deep concern for our wellbeing they decide what is good for us and what we need the most to lead a happy life, like Jewelleries, shopping malls, price hike for everything, unresolvable scams, nuclear bombs and many more, in return to this all we have to do is to be obedient folks and use our so called birth right to elect these saints and feed them our flesh again and again without questioning, and accepting that we are getting the best we deserve and convince ourselves that we are fools. Even though things are like this we shouldn’t blame these people for their actions as the fault is ours as much as it is theirs, because they didn’t emerge out of thin air, they were born and brought up in our society, amongst us, they learned from us and the fact is that they are the best we could bring up. They just reflect what we all are inside, they are us, this is how we think, this is what our culture is, our heritage is and what we are as a human being. We are conservative, casteist, egoistic, ignorant bunch of lunatics, we are Indians.

Jai Hind… 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Me, The Worst Romeo

Love is a theme that I am so found of writing and it is she who made it so. Those who are following my blog would know who she is and so yesterday’s (July 19th) importance too. Any way if you don’t know just go through my past post on the same date.

Yes that is right; it was the birthday of my beloved love (R.K) and I totally forgot to make it a special day for her. I was at the peak of my annoyance for the past two week and damn that I continued it through out yesterday too. Though I had called her one second before my watch’s second hand jumped to July 19th and wished her Happy Birthday, it wasn’t enough and I know it. I know her very well and knew what she expect from me, not time keeping, not anything fancy or over romantic but rather simple, an e-card and few lines of wishes ending with “forever yours, Rahul”.

I am a self absorbed prick, who can’t even spare one day for the happiness of his love; the worst thing is that I didn’t even try. I was so into myself that I couldn’t even see that she was hurt, I spoiled a special day for her and for that I would say sorry but she hates it when I say sorry to her. So dear I will say “Happy birthday and I Love you”

P.S: On your next birthday I am promising you a special gift, "My first Novel"
I Miss You, Keyboard

Saturday, July 13, 2013

M for Morality

Google Morality Meter
What is been commonly projected as morality are mostly selfish beliefs by an individual or a cult to keep masses obedient. The cult can hide in many masks that of religion, god, nation, race or colour.  If any of the former is referred as the key towards morality then it is clearly the worst disgrace humanity can ever have, because it is visible in plain sight how many animal species take care of their elderly and young ones, how they help and protect each other for survival. The same animals that are considered inferior to humans are capable of all these things and still some keep on insisting that humans need the above masks to be moral.

It is a fact that society is what demanded and nurtured morality in us; they cultivated our inborn instincts as a social animal in general for decades and thus helped us to survive for 5000 odd years through interdependence. Hence the reasonable thing to say is that we are not morally fixed, morality is something that entirely depends on survival and it’s a mindset that will bespeak according to the living conditions and the way of the packs alpha. 

A fact that we should always remember is that we are animals, though we have a remarkable brain which can think and reason, it is more dangerous and unpredictable than any other too. So more than the animal instincts of social living there should be a moral code, unlike that of outdated religious or cultural nonsense, a well thought well reasoned set of codes to teach and raise our children so that they can live in a safer, better place of tomorrow.

P.S : “Help each other, don't kill or destroy living and nonliving things for pleasure and of blind belief”  

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Love, Life & My Crazy Thinking.

Fight for love, anime
Love is a trap. When it appears, we see only its light, not its shadows.

-Paulo Coelho.

Some are ready to give even their life in the name of Love, pity it’s so because I always thought of it as something meant to give people a long happy life rather than a sad premature end. Thinking that there is only one love in life is the biggest mistake one can ever make. Love is only an emotion like anger, hate or joy and so it should be understood as such. It is never above one’s own life, it is only a medium through which we seek for happiness in life. It is a selfish feeling, a feeling which underlines the capability of human morality, longing to care and to be cared. If one enjoy his life and understands the value of it he will never feel trapped by any of his emotions but rather try to master it to an extent that he can manipulate it to gain clarity and freedom.

There is no right way to show or feel anger, excitement or happiness, similarly there is no right way for love too.  Every individual has his own interpretation of love but none know what it really is and how it should be felt, it is different and unique to each individual especially that towards his or her mate. I don’t believe in the existence of soul mate or one true love because the success in all happily living couples lies in understanding, acceptance and endurance capacity of both or any one of the individuals. Each individual have a unique characteristics deeply inspired by the people with whom they spend their childhood (most probably their parents). So in a reasonable sense the introduction of a new person into one’s life as a mate in the later stage requires something more mature than a fairy concept called soul mate or one true love.  
Crazy mind, skull, black and white

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Feeling Good

A man enjoying the sun, picture
Past events reel before me, often placing a smile on my face. Time and again some memories surface from the cranial depths and become the part of my present, creating an even more wonderful and cherishing new memory.  Living life to me is like seeing a good movie in an old cine theater, laughing, crying and letting all my emotions fly into the hall's quarter darkness, unintentionally memorizing the best scenes and dialogues and now and then looking back at the projector room with curiosity, wondering "How the hell does that thing works". It feels good when I can see life through this window of simplicity, lighted up by the carbon rods, tracing the celluloid's and traveling towards the stretched white in front. All along the way, bending around tiny million dusts and thus tracing its way in hope that someone would notice its struggle to the big screen before judging the movie alone.

"My life is what all I have in the end,
if I wish to share or resent,
none may bother to listen a cent,
but in hope that some might bend,
lets share something that may descent,
Anyway, it feels good in the end"

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The White Fixation

Guest Post:
Colour discrimination
Since time immemorial, the world has been fascinated by the white man. He has been treated and considered as a supreme being and sometimes even close to God. Since his birth, he has been given all the privileges of the world, may be not by his parents but by the whole mankind. Anywhere he goes; he has been treated as a king and rarely looked down upon. The question here arises is that why all this fuss about just a color of the skin. Is the color white more pleasing to the eyes? If a colored man applies white paint on him, will he be treated as a royal entity.

The advantages a white man gains as compared to his counterpart are numerous. He can travel almost any part of the world without any restrictions whereas people of other race are bombarded with countless procedures and questions just to get their entry permits that it feels like they are participating in a quiz show. When the white man enters a foreign land, he is regarded as a being coming from another planet as all of them ogle at him until their eyes pop out of its sockets. We are so much in awe with the white man that we ape each and every thing that he does. We want to eat like him, wear clothes like him, act like him and basically do all that he does. It seems that this behavior of ours makes us look very wise and intellectual but in fact makes us look like fools.

A person is treated as normal in his own group of friends but once he befriends a white, his chest puffs up with pride as if he has achieved something really incredible. He considers himself as a superior entity, needing no one else but his white friend. It’s funny because, if one takes a look at history, the white man has caused so much anguish and misery in this world that the after effects are still borne by the entire human race. These ill effects will keep on continuing unless we open our eyes and think that a white man is just a human being just like you and me. The world in large talks about equality but this feeling goes down the drain when it comes to the white man as consciously we always go out of our way to gain their trust as if we would falter if we don’t please him. It’s about time people realize that treating human beings as equals is the way forward and this undue favoritism to someone will surely bring our downfall. It is important that nobody should despise or disrespect anybody because of their caste, creed, religion etc but  it is more essential that nobody should get or take undue advantage because of their anatomy.

by Taj

Saturday, June 1, 2013

A thought for Care

Stethoscope, Medical field, Doctor
Valuing life and caring for it is one of the traits that have been planted into us some were along our evolutionary footsteps. Though we often ignore purposefully this involuntary desire to help each other, it remains there never the less and reminds us now and then what goodness we are capable of providing. In this present darkest phase of human evolution, were piece of paper and shiny metal is considered more valuable than life, the beacon of hope has been kept alive through the medical science. With the aid of technology and the dedication of countless minds whose acceptance of their evolutionary desires within, made modern medical institutions into real temples which value life and care for it.

When considering the contributions of modern health care, it not only helped in providing better health and living standards but also played a major part in putting an end to many of the superstitions roamed around human body and the diseases that it caught. Demons and gins disappeared into the fictional realm when modern medicines provided proper cure for epidemics and other diseases. Awareness about one’s body and understanding of the surroundings thus created by modern health care helped us to evolve from a species with only the sense of survival instincts into one who desire betterment as a whole. So on this day which has nothing special about it as far as I know, with this post which may seem irrelevant and off interest, I would like to salute the great pioneers of our medical science who had dedicated and is dedicating their life for the well being of us, lets generalize and say the well being of life.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Super Man Club

The super man fan club, Religion a fan club, photo
There is nothing stupid in believing in Superman and starting a fan club for him. There is nothing funny in praising his courageous acts within the club and murmuring his heroic words again and again as if it’s true. But it gets funny when they point finger and laugh at someone from the Batman fan club and start competing with them to prove who the true hero is. And it gets stupid when they start threatening others to join the club who don't even like fiction, all these in the name of an imaginary character whose existence cannot be disproved like million other myths.

Fan clubs are increasing in this world day by day but the people associated with them supposedly think they have high intellect and so won’t admit it as such, they prefer wrapping it around a more deceiving and convincing name called religion. From a society for fun and security it has now grown into most unsecure, misleading and profit oriented business, new religions are formed and thus new gods, each individual holds up his own crazy outdated idea and fight within each other to dominate the market while superman and batman which have much better morality and humanity than them still remain in the comics and are seen with no doubt as pure fiction. And so the most evil characters ever fantasized by men roam around the heads of each individual, irrespective of age and sex, forcing its way through and threatening whoever opposes. It may bewilder those, who look to see and think to learn, that how a fictional character could make its fans believe that it is real and even question and challenge logic and reason to prove it otherwise. 

Learning to fly like superman, cartoon

PS: Belief without any doubt is stupidity.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Never Knew

Live life to the fullest

                                                           Never knew myself,
till I met you.
Never knew what trust meant,
till I broke it.
Never knew I hated silence,
till you chose it.
Never knew how I felt,
till I lost you.
Never knew what winning was,
till I failed.
Never knew what hope meant,
till I lost it.
Never knew the mild breeze,
till life knocked the breath out of me.
Never knew the beauty of sunshine,
till the rain came by.
Never knew how easy it is to advice,
till I tried to follow.
Never knew how strong I am,
till I fought back.
Life is one lesson, you won’t learn,
till you live the fullest.

by Algo

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Moral of the Story

Thinking Kid, black and white
Who influenced your life as a child the most, in my case it’s my grandmother. She is my mother’s mother and the times I spend with her in my childhood are very precious to me. Her stories are the ones that gave wings to my imagination and planted the seed of a story teller in me. Among these cherished childhood memories the most memorable are those when she told me stories from the Hindu epics while feeding me; the combination of rice and peas curry with ghee, the intriguing characters in the story and her convincing tone were one of the reasons for my roly-poly form back then.

She always starts a story by saying the moral first and here is one of many that I still remember in almost the same way as she tells it ‘This is a story in which Garuda was taught a lesson for his self righteous ego. Once the lord of death ‘Yama Dharma’ made a friendly visit to heaven to see all the Devas, as he was going to enter the palace of Indra (the king of heaven) his eyes fell on a small golden bird fluttering his tiny wings, singing and enjoying the nectar from flower to flower in the garden.  He looked at the bird curiously for few seconds and then went inside the place in a hurry. The bird saw this and thought “Why did Yama Dharma look at me like that, I think something bad is going to happen to me today, may be even the worst” got scared of this thought the bird few to Garuda. He told Garuda about all that happened in heaven and told him that ‘Yama’ was going to take his life soon. Being the King of birds and the mount of Lord Vishnu, Garuda thought of it as an opportunity to show his might rather than the need to help the little bird. So he said with pride “I, the king of birds and the mound of Lord Vishnu will save you from death”, he took the bird in his hands and flew beyond seven seas and seven oceans into an enchanted Iceland, and hid the bird in a tree hole.
Grandma telling story to his grandson

When Garuda flew back, instead of going back to his dwell he went to Yama Puri (the palace of Yama) to meet with Yama. Seeing his guest as the mound of Lord Vishnu, Yama Dharma ordered his servants to arrange all kinds of honorary arrangements to welcome him. After the luxurious welcome, he was inquired about the reason for his unexpected visit; Garuda told all about the little bird whom Yama had so curiously watched at the heaven garden and with a dignified smile started boasting about the way he saved its life from death by hiding it beyond seven seas and seven oceans were even the lord of death itself can’t reach. Yama listed to all what Garuda said and suddenly began to laugh shaking his whole body along, “You know Garuda, its funny how fate makes its way” he said and continued “I was just wondering when I saw that bird in heaven that why that little was there when it was suppose to dies before twilight far from there, to be exact, in an enchanted Iceland beyond seven seas and seven oceans in a tree hole from a snake bite, I thought for sure that fate made a mistake as that little fellow could never fly that far” he again laughed a bit and said “The mount of Vishnu itself helped in completing the cycle of fate, I thank you for that Garuda” . Garuda got up from its seat and rushed out in an instant with pale face and crumpled pride, totally ashamed of his ego with which he thought he could even alter fate. 

The story ends like that with its moral loud and clear, ego is bad and above that fate can’t be altered, everything in one’s life will happen according to a predetermined script. Is ego really that bad, I would say not entirely because I found it bad only when people act up on it to harm others, otherwise it’s a fun part of life which motivates to improve. Now what about fate, it is a belief that has a long history in Indian culture; it’s been kept as the final resource to excuse the incapability to try and unacceptability to face facts by individuals for centuries. More than ego the concept of fate seems worse to me because it kills the most amazing thing about being a human, the desire to evolve in character as well as in thought.  

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