Wednesday, January 30, 2013

For YOU...

We sailed the rough seas in life, Chasing a dream
which seemed within reach, time was cruel n
threw us off board
Swept away by its strong currents.
With shattered dreams,
we drifted apart.
Your friendship eased my pain, Those times we had n
Laughs we shared;
still stays afresh
Like it was yesterday where
It started with a ‘hello there'

But it seems I remind you
of those hard times,
you so long to leave behind.
All my efforts to comfort you Seems to hurt you more
so I leave you here
with a heavy heart, hoping
new friends and time
can bring back those smile;
I still cherish
to remember you by.

by Algo.


  1. Besides getting dreams shattered, life becomes chaos when you loose the only prop you have. Nice poetry. Very touching.

  2. Nice composition, It hurts when friends, loved ones go away and all our efforts to keep them close result in increasing the gap. I could see the pain.

  3. BTW, I really liked the new format, colour palette is amazing.

  4. Replies
    1. I will say the thank you on behalf of Algo and from me, thank you for visiting my site and for putting down your thoughts.

  5. Well written! Sad note towards the end but that many times the truth in real life!


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