Friday, January 25, 2013

Like few THREADS

Lighted tree pathway, green, forest

Now when I think about how I was when I reached twenty, all my life behind was only a vague picture to me then. It was like numerous threads stretched parallel not touching each other leaving gaps which I couldn't connect. I kept on trying, looking back again and again but nothing was clear to me. There were times when I could spot the threads that carried the precious moments of happiness and the ones which carried the saddest moments but when I try to think about them my face got sad and it felt like they were just threads laid apart so apart from my life. I was hopeless and totally lost, didn't know where to go next, stood there wondering what have I done all these years.

It was in that lost that she came into my life, cross threading my threads with hers and wowed a beautiful blanket inside me. Now I can see my life clearly without any space in between like a ray of light from the source filling my eyes. The space of loneliness and self doubt passed and I started cherishing my life the way I should have. 


  1. So romantic, when someone comes into your life and you feel so complete. It can take away the darkness, loneliness and sorrow. Nice Post.

  2. Hi Rahul,

    Ahh, a post dedicated to a special someone. I do agree, sometimes an individual's entry into one's life can bring about a lot of positive changes and clear out many of the confusing doubts.
    Is this a real story or fictional one? :)
    Loved it.

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  3. Wow! I am glad to know somebody really treasures this precious feeling. If this is not a fiction then I must say you are blessed.

    1. I really am blessed, thanks for visiting Meenakshi gee :)

  4. Days seem pretty dull and quite monotonous until a special someone enters in our life and make it meaningful, cherished and so colorful.. Nice romantic post. Cheerz :-)

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