Wednesday, January 2, 2013


black and white picture of a swing, poem by Rahul

An old man on a swing
Swinging back and forth.

Clenching his hands tight
On the rusty side chains.

Legs stretched and bend
To the rhythm of swing.

His cotton white beard as-
An aimless lite drift cloud,

Shining in the morning sun
Showing the sign of age.

Joy fills the fogy face like-
That in an innocent child’s.

The swing of life continues
Swinging back and forth.

Flawless as day and night
Swinging back and forth.

For a beautiful lives end
Swinging back and forth.

Poem by Rahul


  1. nice thought, nicely expressed, you should attempt poetry more often!

    1. Thanks Meenakshi :)I am thinking the same...

  2. No matter what your age, once you get on those swings you become young at heart again, flooded with thoughts of the past. A lovely poem indeed.

  3. nice one
    swing and life
    have so much to share

  4. Nice thought.. Life continues swinging back and forth , beautiful life ends, swining back and forth. Deep Simple.. Bang on!

    small feedback: some minor english corrections are required.. nevertheless Great thought!


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