Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fiftieth Special

Fiftieth celebration, presents
This is a special occasion for me as it is my 50th post since I first started my blog. So in this moment I would like to thank all my followers who always took time to read my posts and commented on them, “Thanks for all your support guys”. I know that there is no need for much fuzz as this is too small a number for a successful or a professional blogger but any way since I love writing here (and finding reasons to enjoy every moment being a common human trait) why not celebrate this milestone even if it is a small one. Keeping in mind my friends support towards my idea of becoming a writer regardless of my lazy self, I am glad that I made this far without much goof ups, making small steps towards my dream like a child reaching for his favorite toy. Now for the person who inspired and guided me in realizing my passion towards writing, "Dear, sorry that I couldn't send you a card or write a poem for you on the Valentines Day (despite your request for one), as a token of my love and appreciation please accept this classic internet apology along with this post". I hope for you all to have a great time on my blog and don’t forget to let me know your views. 

Among the Fifty posts that have been published here I am choosing 5 posts which I like the most.

1.     Not Love 
2.     Marriage
3.     For You
4.     Inequality
5.     The Clay Pot

P.S: Don’t forget the cake :)  

Fruit Cake

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Promise

Happy Valentines Day to all my readers, as to make this day even sweeter lets enjoy a poem from our favorite poet Algo.

Holding hands painting

Can't get you the moon
Nor do I promise the stars.

But a smile on your face
is all that I promise

To be the reason for your smile, 

that spark in your eyes, 
that rhythm of your beat, 
is all that I promise

Start over each day, 

love you in a million way, 
walk with you all the way, 
is all that I promise.

by Algo

Two hearts in Love, red

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Hair Incident

Pen drawing of cute curly hair girl smiling, The hair Incident
I was in my first year, when that incident happened. Joined an engineering college in Coimbatore and had to endure a lot to push through the first six months as a newbie. Staying away from home, constant humiliation from the seniors in the name of ragging, pressure of assignments and class tests and above all the daily struggle for adjusting my stomach to the hostel food had made my life a mini hell.  Though each day felt like a struggle to survive there were many memorable incidents which were much exiting and some most weird.  Such an incident happened around the curly hair of two of my female classmates of whom I don’t wish to reveal the names. Though I haven’t witnessed any of it by myself, the rumors and few details from the source itself gave me an overall story.

It all started after our first class test three month from my first day on the college campus. Two girls from my class (both became my good friends later on) were cornered by the senior girls (third years) around the girls latrine. They were really after only one of the two -the one with a cute face and long curly hair which made her even prettier- and the other just because of her misfortune and curly hair got caught in it. Though they both never spoke of what really happened there, we all came to know of it in brief as we saw them the next day. They both didn't attend the morning session -and that for a first year was pretty odd considering our college- and came to class at the middle of the post lunch period. As they appeared at the door, there came a few Ahh...’s from the girl’s side –most probably her roommates- and it was after sometime that the boy’s side deciphered what the ‘Ahh…’ was for. After few moments of hush, mummer started spreading all over the class and finally it reached my ears too that the seniors had made both of the girls to straighten there curly hairs. I took a peek at them hoping to see the difference it made but instead saw both leaning over their writing desk face down and crying. Being a regularly picked prey I felt sorry for them, it wasn't only me the whole class felt sorry by this sight but soon that feeling was overwhelmed by curiosity for most, the curiosity to know how they did it. The girl’s hostel was inside the college campus and the first years were not allowed to go out of the campus except when they are going home, so then how did they straighten their hair. Though I was least interested about hair even if it is my own -I usually cut them so short so that I can avoid regular combing- I too got curious when I saw the cuter one later that day. She way looking gorgeous, the straightened hair looked soft and was dancing on her shoulders as elegant as her skin. From that day forward I have never seen her with her earlier curly hair cute look and I didn't mind that either.

After that incident her name took a sudden leap into the top 5 of the college beauty chart –the boys ranking of girls based on their beauty- and the rest of us in her batch were addressed as her mere classmates till fourth year.  Her transformation from cute to gorgeous dipped the question that how they did it the first time but I was persistent and later when I came to know about it from her, my jaw dropped and my short haired head got red hot as if my hair was melting. She simply used an iron box and pressed her wet hair like a piece of cloth. Though it sounded bit weird to us boys, the iron box experiment proved as a complete success and the rest of the girls took it as a proper technique to straighten their hairs too. And for me after that I never ever dare to feel curious on what girls do to their hair.

“This post is written for Indiblogger ‘Sunsilk Perfect Straight’ contest”

Friday, February 1, 2013

Freedom from CASTE & RELIGION

person, freedom, face
Do we Indians take cast and religion too much seriously or is it that they are the only things we care about. It may be an intuitive thought but nevertheless it seems like that the greatest threat to our nation is not our neighboring countries (Pakistan and China) or the Maoist insurgency, it is the numerous religions and castes that prevail here. They are rooted so deep into the soil of our nation that any decisions made or anything done in this country should consider both above the needs, interests and wellbeing of its people.

The recent outrageous act towards a film ‘Vishwaroopam’ by the world renowned actor-director Dr. Kamal Haasan shows how things are run in this country. If a particular religion or a caste doesn't like something then the rest of the nation shouldn't show any interest in that too, may it be a book, movie, song, painting or even an article. The ruling political parties (both central and state governments) which use these medieval systems for their ply of votes ridicule the constitution in order to please them. It is not the first time that the fundamental right of a citizen of this nation has been defied by these thugs, they mainly attack artists and free thinker whom tries to introduce rational way of thinking into the societies.

There is no sense in both castes and religions simply because they consider their gothic rituals and traditions more important and valuable than human lives. They won’t change and won’t let the men under their influence either to change because ignorance and obedience are the traits on which they feed and live on. They won’t let men to act up on the signs of exploitation of their social needs and security but rather promotes violence if someone bruises their ego on caste or religion. Art and artist are always been the ones that revolutionized human thinking and if the freedom of expressing them is not allowed in our country then even the so called god can’t help us.

Kamal Haasan Vishwaroopam poster

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