Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fiftieth Special

Fiftieth celebration, presents
This is a special occasion for me as it is my 50th post since I first started my blog. So in this moment I would like to thank all my followers who always took time to read my posts and commented on them, “Thanks for all your support guys”. I know that there is no need for much fuzz as this is too small a number for a successful or a professional blogger but any way since I love writing here (and finding reasons to enjoy every moment being a common human trait) why not celebrate this milestone even if it is a small one. Keeping in mind my friends support towards my idea of becoming a writer regardless of my lazy self, I am glad that I made this far without much goof ups, making small steps towards my dream like a child reaching for his favorite toy. Now for the person who inspired and guided me in realizing my passion towards writing, "Dear, sorry that I couldn't send you a card or write a poem for you on the Valentines Day (despite your request for one), as a token of my love and appreciation please accept this classic internet apology along with this post". I hope for you all to have a great time on my blog and don’t forget to let me know your views. 

Among the Fifty posts that have been published here I am choosing 5 posts which I like the most.

1.     Not Love 
2.     Marriage
3.     For You
4.     Inequality
5.     The Clay Pot

P.S: Don’t forget the cake :)  

Fruit Cake

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