Friday, February 1, 2013

Freedom from CASTE & RELIGION

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Do we Indians take cast and religion too much seriously or is it that they are the only things we care about. It may be an intuitive thought but nevertheless it seems like that the greatest threat to our nation is not our neighboring countries (Pakistan and China) or the Maoist insurgency, it is the numerous religions and castes that prevail here. They are rooted so deep into the soil of our nation that any decisions made or anything done in this country should consider both above the needs, interests and wellbeing of its people.

The recent outrageous act towards a film ‘Vishwaroopam’ by the world renowned actor-director Dr. Kamal Haasan shows how things are run in this country. If a particular religion or a caste doesn't like something then the rest of the nation shouldn't show any interest in that too, may it be a book, movie, song, painting or even an article. The ruling political parties (both central and state governments) which use these medieval systems for their ply of votes ridicule the constitution in order to please them. It is not the first time that the fundamental right of a citizen of this nation has been defied by these thugs, they mainly attack artists and free thinker whom tries to introduce rational way of thinking into the societies.

There is no sense in both castes and religions simply because they consider their gothic rituals and traditions more important and valuable than human lives. They won’t change and won’t let the men under their influence either to change because ignorance and obedience are the traits on which they feed and live on. They won’t let men to act up on the signs of exploitation of their social needs and security but rather promotes violence if someone bruises their ego on caste or religion. Art and artist are always been the ones that revolutionized human thinking and if the freedom of expressing them is not allowed in our country then even the so called god can’t help us.

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  1. Can't help it because nothing happens. Its sad to have such state of our country.

  2. from haasan to hussain, rushdie to nandi it's been certain groups and political parties that have created the hue. the aam aadmi actually doesnt give a shit


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