Friday, March 8, 2013

Little Sunflower

Mayu dressed as sunflower, fancy dress sunflower
Mayu as Little Sunflower
Mega in little kitty dress, cat fancy dress
Mega as Little Kitty

This is a nursery rhyme written for my niece Mayu for her kinder garden fancy dress competition.  She did a wonderful job and won the first prize, congrats to her and also to Megu (my younger niece) for dressing up as a cute kitty. I am posting this in hope that it will come in use for some of the mummies and daddies.

I am little sunflower,
Yellow and bright.
Standing tall,
When sun rise.
Swaying in wind,
Side to side.
I am little sunflower,
Yellow and bright.  

by Rahul and Ranjith

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