Friday, March 15, 2013

Two Little Nieces

Rahul with Mayu and Megu, group photo

This is not a fairy tale about two little girls who saves a handsome prince (who happens to be their uncle) from a furious dragon and helps him rescue his princess from an evil witch. But this is definitely about two beautiful girls who are my own nieces (elder one 6 years old and younger 4), though they didn't save me from a dragon or helped me in rescuing any princess, they did remind me of my childhood and made me walk those steps once again, with them. Boundless bliss, heedless sorrow and infinite energy, I really missed my childhood and now am enjoying it all again in a far better yet a girlish way.

Lots of fury toys, miniature kitchen set, drawing books and colour pencils, the house seems like a battle field when they are at work, they gust from room to room with the elder one bossing as the younger keen and obedient with some occasional exceptions. Joining them and taking part in their games do make me a child myself, all the complications of being an adult disappears and the one feeling that remain and crave from inside is that for fun. Being a child is fun, dirt, bugs, grass, fire, smoke, pebbles, birds, even slimy snails and crawling snakes seem fun to them, and above all they prefer curiosity over fear.

One of my nieces favorite game is role playing, acting and talking like adults in their own cute funny ways and it often amazes me how they imitates every minute details of the respective adults. Though I couldn’t recall any such incidents from my childhood, I do join them often, mostly playing the role of their kinder garden teacher. Their eagerness and desire to become adult individuals much made me ask to myself “Why do they want that (as most adults will give anything to become an innocent child once again)?” It may be because they think it will be even more fun that they can sing, dance, roam around and play, always wear beautiful dresses and shiny shoes and will have long braided hair to admire like that in the Barbie movies they see. They stand in front of the dressing mirror, dabbing and combing their tiny jet black hair with admiration as well as longing in those cute eyes for them to become long and beautiful.

With day by day widening forehead as the mark of my adulthood, I could only hope for my nieces to have all they want when they grow up and wish that their life be filled with fun and excitement as it is now, but every now and then reality popes up and remind me that only children love to live in fairytales, not adults when they become. Childhood is like a fairytale, ‘And They Lived Happily Ever After’ is always followed by ‘The End’

“Love you both, my little angels” 

This post is written for the contest by Dove Split End Rescue System.

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