Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Real Hero

Man walking in dark through a path
I do love super heroes; in fact I am a big fan of many like the man of steel, the dark night and the web slinger. Their costumes, style and never ending desire to help others are more than enough traits one expects from a super hero. More than a fictional character build as a protector of law and order; they represent or even remain as an idol for the true values of humanity that most of us are only capable of thinking. Can a human being be a super hero, not necessarily in muscle and style but in values, can one uplift the conserved minds in his society by his own life as an example. There are many, neither famous nor extraordinary yet remain as a guide for those in doubt to follow and to make that first step which they thought were never possible before.

In my observation one of the main threats that existed and still does (with only a slight drop in percentage) in my locality and those nearby is the denial of freedom and rights for women, which men normally enjoys and even misuses in surplus. The freedom of choice and expression, and the right to educate and to acquire a dignified job has been totally denied for a girl child. A girl born in the family is seen as a liability and marriage alone is considered as the only possible solution, the sooner the better is the common way around.  In such a community filled with rotten conservative minds, a man stood alone and showed the rest how lucky he is and wonderful it is to have girl children.

Mr. Sukumaran Pillai, he is a widower and has three daughters; his wife died giving birth to the youngest one and since then he has been both mother and father to them. He raised them with self belief and pride and educated them well even when the society around laughed at him for spending all his wealth on schools and colleges instead of compiling it for their marriage. He believed in his girls and that belief bloomed as they grew into well educated, independent young women poking the envy of most parents around and inspiring many to educate their own daughters. Both his younger daughters became doctors and the elder one a college professor and the society once again started pressurizing Mr. Sukumaran for his daughter’s marriage. Marriage proposals came in huge numbers without even asking for dowry (which by the way was a rare phenomenon in those days) but he stood with his daughters and let them choose their own life. The eldest one chose not to get married preferring to look after her father while the second and third married doctors who were their classmates and are living a happy life with their children.

The deeds of Mr. Sukumaran Pillai may seem like a normal responsibility of a father to his kids and he might have did all this in that sense too but in a community filled with women oppressors he  showed a light and saved not only the lives of his daughters but of many more women.  So I present this post as a tribute to this human hero or (more appropriately) real hero who lived a great life and died peaceful in his sixties, still loved and respected by the whole village.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

It’s Complicated

It's complicated

Complicated ways of behaving and living life. Sensitive behavior towards every small actions of family and friends, frustration towards the improper motion of the world and the inability to act up on them.  Basic survival instincts seem unimportant and the only thing that matters the most is what other think of you. Becoming a living robot to act and live as per the wish of everyone around you, cursing the world for everything or even one's own existence seems out of date. Freedom seems like a smoke line on the distant blue sky, way forward is becoming harder and harder, dependence on this world and the people in it is becoming stronger and there is no way to escape the inevitable. Die in the end as no one, as a mere puppet having no knowledge of the ones who worked the strings in your lives play. Over emotional and they say you are silly, if emotionless you are rude, whole life spend to find the in between balance, all to impress others, never giving a chance for yourself.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Still remember like Yest'day

lost love, sea and sand bank

Still remember like yest'rday,
When I saw you first time,
I felt a tug inside and -
my whole world changed.

Still remember like yest'day,
How I loved the first shine,
Reaching early to see you -
and the last ride home with you.

Still remember like yest'day,
How your every smile was, was -
all that I lived for each day.
And you became my life.

Still remember like yest'day,
How things changed once you were mine -
and how priorities changed.
Loved you in my own way -
but just can't remember -
when I lost sight of you,
in winning the world for you.

by Algo

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Evening Sky

Evening skyline, a far shot with the skyline and ocean in the background

Its ten past five and a golden globe has emerged into the evening sky, colouring the usual blue with a reddish orange, spreading through the scattered clouds like water colour from a brush tip. It shined with a tired light yet peaceful and elegant as it always is. The sky crappers and their artificial lights all dimmed from the sky line as the majestic sphere floated in mid air, gradually moving towards the horizon for a well deserved rest for the day’s work. Came from the east yellow and small, traveled across the skies with glittering white and hot, finally reached the west with warmth and endless might. Very much sincere to all that's surrounding it, the source of light and of life, shining with all its might all day long from dusk to dawn until million years pass till it dies.

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