Friday, April 19, 2013

It’s Complicated

It's complicated

Complicated ways of behaving and living life. Sensitive behavior towards every small actions of family and friends, frustration towards the improper motion of the world and the inability to act up on them.  Basic survival instincts seem unimportant and the only thing that matters the most is what other think of you. Becoming a living robot to act and live as per the wish of everyone around you, cursing the world for everything or even one's own existence seems out of date. Freedom seems like a smoke line on the distant blue sky, way forward is becoming harder and harder, dependence on this world and the people in it is becoming stronger and there is no way to escape the inevitable. Die in the end as no one, as a mere puppet having no knowledge of the ones who worked the strings in your lives play. Over emotional and they say you are silly, if emotionless you are rude, whole life spend to find the in between balance, all to impress others, never giving a chance for yourself.

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