Friday, April 5, 2013

The Evening Sky

Evening skyline, a far shot with the skyline and ocean in the background

Its ten past five and a golden globe has emerged into the evening sky, colouring the usual blue with a reddish orange, spreading through the scattered clouds like water colour from a brush tip. It shined with a tired light yet peaceful and elegant as it always is. The sky crappers and their artificial lights all dimmed from the sky line as the majestic sphere floated in mid air, gradually moving towards the horizon for a well deserved rest for the day’s work. Came from the east yellow and small, traveled across the skies with glittering white and hot, finally reached the west with warmth and endless might. Very much sincere to all that's surrounding it, the source of light and of life, shining with all its might all day long from dusk to dawn until million years pass till it dies.


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