Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Super Man Club

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There is nothing stupid in believing in Superman and starting a fan club for him. There is nothing funny in praising his courageous acts within the club and murmuring his heroic words again and again as if it’s true. But it gets funny when they point finger and laugh at someone from the Batman fan club and start competing with them to prove who the true hero is. And it gets stupid when they start threatening others to join the club who don't even like fiction, all these in the name of an imaginary character whose existence cannot be disproved like million other myths.

Fan clubs are increasing in this world day by day but the people associated with them supposedly think they have high intellect and so won’t admit it as such, they prefer wrapping it around a more deceiving and convincing name called religion. From a society for fun and security it has now grown into most unsecure, misleading and profit oriented business, new religions are formed and thus new gods, each individual holds up his own crazy outdated idea and fight within each other to dominate the market while superman and batman which have much better morality and humanity than them still remain in the comics and are seen with no doubt as pure fiction. And so the most evil characters ever fantasized by men roam around the heads of each individual, irrespective of age and sex, forcing its way through and threatening whoever opposes. It may bewilder those, who look to see and think to learn, that how a fictional character could make its fans believe that it is real and even question and challenge logic and reason to prove it otherwise. 

Learning to fly like superman, cartoon

PS: Belief without any doubt is stupidity.


  1. ha! I want to know which club are u in batman or superman?


  2. So true ... blind belief is not only stupid but injurious too !! An apt post !!

  3. this is really a true article regarding those who lost their time and money in arguing about their fans and spending their time in these fan clubs whose hero's do not exists in reality.

  4. Ok, But Harry Potter Fan Club is above all of this. Yes, it is.


  5. Who Knows for Sure These Heroes exist or not. . . ;)

  6. People find it easier to pretend they are midst of all the blames and fingers pointing towards their failure and they do believe it without doubt coz they don't know what they are actually upto!!

    Nicely articulated!
    Like it!!


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