Saturday, June 1, 2013

A thought for Care

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Valuing life and caring for it is one of the traits that have been planted into us some were along our evolutionary footsteps. Though we often ignore purposefully this involuntary desire to help each other, it remains there never the less and reminds us now and then what goodness we are capable of providing. In this present darkest phase of human evolution, were piece of paper and shiny metal is considered more valuable than life, the beacon of hope has been kept alive through the medical science. With the aid of technology and the dedication of countless minds whose acceptance of their evolutionary desires within, made modern medical institutions into real temples which value life and care for it.

When considering the contributions of modern health care, it not only helped in providing better health and living standards but also played a major part in putting an end to many of the superstitions roamed around human body and the diseases that it caught. Demons and gins disappeared into the fictional realm when modern medicines provided proper cure for epidemics and other diseases. Awareness about one’s body and understanding of the surroundings thus created by modern health care helped us to evolve from a species with only the sense of survival instincts into one who desire betterment as a whole. So on this day which has nothing special about it as far as I know, with this post which may seem irrelevant and off interest, I would like to salute the great pioneers of our medical science who had dedicated and is dedicating their life for the well being of us, lets generalize and say the well being of life.


  1. Well Rahul, good needs no special day to be praised, I believ my brother.You are so very right there are so many diseases which are a history now.. thanks to the constant research and development in Medical Science and indeed they who initiated they fight against the ills of human body and those who are still continuing the fight .. all deserve salutes !!
    Well Weaved reminder !!


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