Saturday, July 20, 2013

Me, The Worst Romeo

Love is a theme that I am so found of writing and it is she who made it so. Those who are following my blog would know who she is and so yesterday’s (July 19th) importance too. Any way if you don’t know just go through my past post on the same date.

Yes that is right; it was the birthday of my beloved love (R.K) and I totally forgot to make it a special day for her. I was at the peak of my annoyance for the past two week and damn that I continued it through out yesterday too. Though I had called her one second before my watch’s second hand jumped to July 19th and wished her Happy Birthday, it wasn’t enough and I know it. I know her very well and knew what she expect from me, not time keeping, not anything fancy or over romantic but rather simple, an e-card and few lines of wishes ending with “forever yours, Rahul”.

I am a self absorbed prick, who can’t even spare one day for the happiness of his love; the worst thing is that I didn’t even try. I was so into myself that I couldn’t even see that she was hurt, I spoiled a special day for her and for that I would say sorry but she hates it when I say sorry to her. So dear I will say “Happy birthday and I Love you”

P.S: On your next birthday I am promising you a special gift, "My first Novel"
I Miss You, Keyboard

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