Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Bloggers Syndrome

A girl thinking, blogger syndrome
Its official now, research team from the IINJ has confirmed the existence of the bloggers syndrome. After three years of intense research and studies on 1000 regular bloggers across the country, the founder of the institute IINJ (Indian Institute of Nut Jobs) and the head of its research team Dr. Nut Job have officially announced the presence of this deadly disorder in 80% of their test subjects.

It is been reported that this senseless discovery has stunned the blogging community as many of the mainstream bloggers self diagnosed this disease after its official release. The leading news channels are showing their concern for the ailing bloggers across the country by broadcasting hourly debates with the full participation of all the available politicians and religious heads. The ruling and opposition political parties have decided to bring a law in the next session of the parliament to ban blogs; twitter and facebook are also on the verge of banishment so that any future syndromes can be prevented. On light of this matter the US president addressed the world early this morning and proclaimed that United States of America is keeping a watchful eye over this matter by means of UAVs and will intervene if necessary in a peaceful way. This move by the US has led to a heavy loss in the site traffic of the Indian blogs as most of the governments around the world blocked Indian sites due to the worry that the disease might be contagious.

In an exclusive interview to an exclusive news channel Dr. Nut has detailed his fist encounter with this peculiar disorder. ‘It was in the last quarter of the year 2008 that I detected an irregularity in the behaviors of few of my students, told Dr. Nut Job. I observed these personals closely for one month and found out that each person showed similar pattern of weirdness in their behavior which deviated from their former boring selves. So I widened my study and observed that, sudden rise in curiosity, concern about earth and humanity, increase in reading habits, involvement in political and social matters, extreme obsession towards writing are the most common symptoms of this disease. I dedicated my life and work for the past three years in the research of this disorder and found it to be an acute disorder which can lead to deadly outcomes, that is creating passionate humans and reformed societies so in order to control it, it is highly recommend that the infected individuals be isolated from societies to save the rest. I personally request the government to put a ban on the freedom of expression through words, especially those which uses reason and logic’. 


  1. Very Nice Post. . . . And don't worry Government is going to get the ban on the freedom of expression "Official" Pretty soon.

  2. yes ... too much of bothering about nature and its contents .. too much of poking nose into political businesses and yes ... expressing views on every possible things ... Dr Nut .. u are right before they number up like zombies and destroy the existing chaotic environment and effect the social ambiance .. ban blogging and blogger .. for misusing freedom of speech :)
    Wonderful.. my brother !! a day ends with sarcasm .. and satire inspires similar thoughts to ease out frustrations around. :)

  3. I am afraid not of bloggers syndrome (would be so happy if it affects me) but I fear those who are extra concerned over this and wasting years of their life on this (futile) researches. Wish I could come up with some 'syndrome' affecting them too :p
    good post!!

  4. Yes, I'm sure the governments of the world will soon find a way to clamp down on bloggers who discuss politics and national affairs and foreign policy and show dissent towards them.
    Just wait and watch...

  5. An intresting disease u have chosen. I bet everybody who comments here is suffering from it. Just find out the cure for it.

  6. Contagious disease it is sure..Make all the bloggers isolated from others or else these corrupt govt will have nothing to live on..
    Nice Posts.. :-)


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