Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Moment To Remember

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Moments are precious even if they are buried deep inside long after they happen; they fuel our future life and make a better person out of us. Most people regret the moments they missed just because they hesitated even though it was in their grasp. The one moment that I promised to myself that I won’t miss to regret later was that with my true love, our intimate moments, worrying not about the society and its sarcastic approval ceremony for our life together. Love a memory that lasts forever was always a dramatic fantasy to me, with appropriate words uttered always and perfect scenes in romantic shades. How I will find her, how it will happen to me and how I will behave afterwards, all of this I have thought about in advance but when it really happened to me, I was stunned as there is no comparison for it in my puny brain.

Rakeesh my dear friend looked at me in surprise, my eyes were filled with tears, my brain numbed and my tongue tumbled like a choking engine to get a start,

“She called me”, I uttered finally in delight realizing that our love has acquired a pure, rare and eternal state, this is our platinum day of love.

It was only few minutes’ back when my phone rang, I grabbed it in a flash, it wasn’t the number that I was expecting but I pressed the green button involuntarily as my heart was pushing my body to its extreme.

“Hello” I said, the response from the other end was complete silence, with a faint rhythm of breath rising from its depths.

“It’s you, I knew you will call, you cannot break up with me” I rushed through the words so fast that even I couldn’t follow.

“Speak to me please, say something, don’t be silent” My words were filled with emotion which I thought I never had. There was a sudden burst of tears from the other side and she broke her silence,

“I love you, I love you forever”, her words filled my ears and a warmth engulfed me, we weren’t at two far ends of the line anymore but within one another. It felt deeper and finer now, our bud of love has bloomed at last and the fragrance was so intense that we spent the rest of the conversation in silence sharing our selves to the other through the realm of space and time.

Few hours back I was in my college, in her classroom sitting next to her. Since I first met her in the freshmen year I have never been this close to her and this first time wasn’t a pleasant one either.  Our relationship was a total secret in the campus and so most of her classmates were staring at us in wonder. I didn’t care about any of them, not even the lecturers; my entire focus was on her and her alone. She was sitting beside me, head down, face as dull as a sun less sky and one palm folded into other and thumbs rubbing.

Yesterday we talked about it and were sure that time will turn the tide to our favor, all we have to do is to wait it out but today she wasn’t her usual cheerful self. When I saw her in the morning I knew something was wrong and that is the reason why I was sitting beside her.

“What happened” I asked with a concerned voice. She remained silent, “What is it” I got restless.

“Mom told dad” she smirked and tears started to drip from her partly opened eyes to her smooth pale cheeks. It was feeling heavy inside me, with her each drop of tear; a weight was dropped on to my chest making breathing a hard task to perform.

“For the first time in my life, I saw my father cry, because of me, because of my love” she said and broke into tears. I wanted to comfort her but couldn’t, she suddenly wiped hard the wetness from her cheeks and turned to me.

“Let’s en..d it here, everything” she couldn’t say anything further, her eyes were drowned in tears. I stood up; turned to her “I never wanted….hurt…” I turned around and walked to my class, throat dry and eyes wet. The love of my life ends there I thought, with my friend Rakeesh I bunked the afternoon class and headed towards our dwell hoping to escape from the heated up atmosphere.

It was two days before it all started, her mother came to know about our love, the source was unknown but she knew all the details about me. She was a typical Indian mother and like all others thought of me as a thief trying to steal something dear to her. She confronted her daughter regarding this and after initial resistance my love had to yield to her mother.  She endured piercing throne of words and few physical blows for our love from her mother which by the way is unusual around here if it doesn’t occur. Later that day she somehow managed to phone me and told me all that happened.

And there started a new chapter in our life making our one true memory pure, rare and eternal like platinum.   

This post is written for a contest in IndiBlogger for “Platinumday of Love”

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