Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Lying In The Park

Playing children, happy Children, fresh and green

It was Sunday and I didn't intent to go to the park, it was a usual visit to my friend’s house and he literally dragged me there. Though it was almost 6.30 in the afternoon, I wasn't amused by the idea mostly because of the climate. It was mid-summer; the air was dry and the land still radiating the heat from the setting sun. It was too hot outside and I preferred staying indoor in the confinement of the concrete walls enjoying the air condition. Any way I am here now out in the openness of the park, the usual picture of a park doesn't apply to this one though. There was less grass and more sand, it wasn't crowded at all but still there were people walking in the walk way some alone and other in pair, chattering and self-indulged in their own world that they don't even care to notice the ones passing by. In the park there was a small playing area for children, with swings, slides and lot of loose sand to play on. There were a dozen of them playing in it, with plenty of laughter and chatter, while their less animated plump moms were sitting on the bench nearby indulged in serious conversations about cookery shows, their neighbor’s problems and the trouble they are having with their children. Most mothers thanked the schools, not for the elite educating their children got from there but for simply subjugating them for five to six hours. There is a saying in our country were most believes in reincarnation and karma that the worst enemy in one's previous life is the one that is born as his child in the present. But I don't believe in all these crap and to me I love children, they are innocent, simple, cute and filled with energy, above all when I am with them they make me a child who can be happy without any constraints of the adulthood. So here is my opinion, I don't care what most parents think, children are totally fun to be with, explicitly when they are not your own of course. In that moment of enlightenment my mind drifted into the future where I have a child of my own, may be two or more if I was that evil in my previous life. The cuteness, innocence and laughter, all disappeared from my eyes and all I could see was sleepless nights at first, compromised life style after and meaningless death in the end, all in the race to raise the child. I snapped out of the thought with a shock and looked at the children playing care free in the dirt, little devils in flesh and blood they are, I thought, playing all innocent and cute.

I was moving through these thoughts and before I was even aware of it I started walking with my friend, a few rounds around the walk way and I started dripping from my head to toe. Though walking seemed exhausting at the beginning, I started enjoying as it went. My body started to feel the freshness and more over my head felt light and all the tensions from my work just got erased. A little walk is not bad after all; I picked up some pace and started to jog. I am not a lean guy, not a muscular one either, a little bit over weight if you look that keenly, so like all those in my bodily category a sudden inspiration struck me, I need to take care of my body now, starting from tomorrow, evening is jogging time though deep inside I knew that it's not going to happen. Few more minutes passed and every inch of my body was wet, I searched for a nice place to lay flat. My friend was still at hard work while I lay on the grass, watering it and watching the dark sky. It seems the same, even though thousands of miles away from my homeland, it is the same sky that I used to spectate from the terrace back home. I use to make sword out of the Orion cluster and will fight the evil swordsman on their black horses, becoming the white knight for humanity. Into the unknown darkness I will swing my star sword, tearing apart the dark space and bringing light to all, the surrounding stars will twinkle brightly showing their respect and gratitude to the warrior. In that heroic memory I naively raised my hand towards the sky to pick that sword up, to become the knight once again.  

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  1. Star wars is a good thing. Dreams are free. The darkness will go on anyway. Nice.


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