Simply Human is a personal website solely owned and operated by me (for more details about me look to the right of your screen) with simplicity in thoughts and words as its motto. Instead of a normal webpage about description I would like to tell you about my thoughts behind the naming of this site which by the way was originally named 'Freedom of expression' a more expressive title which I thought was apt until this name struck me (on Jan 2013).  ‘Simply Human’ may seem like a simple and less expressive title compared to it former but it gives me a wider canvas to write and also the freedom to add my emotions into my words as I please. Here I can be a simple human who is not bound by the chains of reality, like nations, religions, castes or gods and can see this world through a new eye of true freedom and awareness. You may or may not like the things that you see or read here, either way I hope you to have a great time. 

"Think freely and enjoy living your life, Fight against (person, party, state, nation, religion and god) who ever prevent you from doing that"

PS.1: Copying any articles for publishing purpose need prior permission from the author.

PS.2: If anyone is found violating PS.1, he/she will surely know the taste of my sword (by, Rahul The Merciless


The contents on this site are not intended towards any particular individual, religion, god or organization, any resemblance to those living or dead, or those existing or nonexistent is purely coincidental. All Pictures used in this website are sourced from Google images or are personal photographs or art works, if any copyright violation is found let me know before you think of suing me. 

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